Monday, 24 September 2012

Snap backs and String...

Meet Ali, he is a shop boy at Dior. Tee, knit and shorts, Topman. Jacket, sunglasses and boots, vintage. Cap, Versace x HM.

I heart Ali... And not just because I know him. Girl never fails to werq it... I caught him dashing off to London to visit a friend and had to snap his little ensemble. I've been loving this 90s grunge inspired look a lot of the boys have been doing in Manchester... I just love how cool and street inspired it is. I am inspired by many things when toting my camera hunting fancy looking folks but I tend to veer towards looks more inspired by street wear rather than trad trends and runway looks.

Don't get me wrong I love a haute ensemble but I'm obsessed with folk who have a little 'devil may care' element to their look.

I was mostly in awe of the fact Ali had the balls to wear shorts on a VERY chilly Manchester afternoon... Espesh since he had only topped it with denim and a few slinky layers... But that was the beauty of it. I think a heavy slab if outerwear would of killed it.
The best part? His baroque inspired dash of Versace atop his perfectly quiffed head. I'm a sucker for anything Versace, even better if it is more Gianni-esque 90s era, baroque scarf print. I will never tire of a little ostentatious print to marvel at... I'm also a total grunge lover and feel it never goes out of vogue on the right folk and if you ask me Ali is killing it... Love his work!

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