Saturday, 15 September 2012

Round Two

Sorry if I'm a little slow at trawling through the shows and not getting things as fast as all the PRO BLOGGERS but sadly I have boring day job and haven't mastered the art of earning squill ions off my little fashion musings.

Next up for my round of New York highlights are as follows...

Calvin Klein Collection caught my little eye this season, well FRancisco Costa's offerings for the New York super brand always catches my eye... Despite being an out and out maximalist I always find time for perving on the more minimal fashion week offerings. Calvin Klein Collection is the go to brand for sheer unadulterated minimalism... The original Mr Klein pimped this nineties look the first time around and his predecessor hasn't failed to let him down. The reason why the collection caught my eye was the obvious shift is style at the house this coming season... Costa's past offerings for the brand have been loose, simple and the strong side of minimal, however the only similarity here was the muted colour palette. This collection was filled with shape, clearly celebrating the waist and femininity and harking to a soft fifties silhouette with neat folds, pleats and gentle shapes. I won't lie, I was shocked but I loved the distinct shift. It was minimal for ladies. Very pretty.

Alexander Wang is one of my all time favourite designers, and this collection pretty much summed up why. After recent departures from his usual style, clearly challenging himself, he returned to the look he does best... Sporty, sexy, edgy and just plain cool. The colour palette didn't move far away from black and white, just a simple flash of a nude putty shade that didn't look too far removed. There was Wang's usual lashings of leather and relaxed tailoring that was made all the more fabulous with patch pockets, zips and cutaways in the garments giving the collection a strange futuristic feel, making the models look like extras out of Fifth Element, save for the boob bandages and crazy hair cut. Still it was a look I would definitely emulate, especially if I was in a crazy and futuristic other universe. I vote Wang for dressing the future.

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