Thursday, 13 September 2012

Proenza, Proenza, where for art thou Proenza?

In all my flurry of fashion stalking and bringing y'all up to speed with all things NYFW I have decided to do a post dedicated to the brainchild of Jack and Lazzaro that is Proenza Schouler... Cutely named after the boys' grandmammys maiden names and fast becoming one of the go to shows of the Big Apple, the label is one of my favourites on the New York schedule, mainly because it is sooooo far removed from the aesthetics of the designers of this capital.

The boys tend to fuse together some pretty avant grade influences but the end results are always rather magical, now it isn't to everyone's tastes and it most certainly won't help in the "make me sexy" stakes but I can guarantee you will have every fashion pervert worth her salt eyeing you with sheer jealousy. Me included!!

For this weeks offering the collection was a mash up of punched leather, snakeskin, sportswear inspired silhouettes and a whole lot of patchwork... Enough to make even the keenest quilt maker go cross eyed. Mix this with patch pockets and exposed nineties style zips (you know the ones with the big rings for doing/undoing) and you've got some mega wardrobe hero pieces that will score you serious points down the local fashion disco. I've never been a girl to please and collections like this are my undoing, they make my heart beat a little faster, the hairs on my neck prickle and my cheeks flush... All little biological reminders why I am OBSESSED with fashion, and why despite the setbacks and self doubt I know I could never be involved in anything else. It's collections like this that make me proud to get funny look, nasty things whispered at me and why I could never ever dress for boys... I'm all for impressing the girls. You know what I mean... That little flush of pride when a fellow fashion pervert stops you to tell you she loves your outfit.

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