Monday, 17 September 2012

Cut up and keep

According to Philip Lim's show notes announced that he had been exploring the Dada literary technique of 'cut-up'... for example writing a list of work, selecting  some of them and creating an altogether new sentence with your selection. This technique was favoured by William Burroughs and later used by David Bowie and Radiohead...

Basically a fancy euphemism for patchwork and mish-mashed eclecticism favoured by us Brits. I as usual fell hook, line and sinker for the lot. I have and always will be a big fat Lim fan, and never fail to love his concepts and collections and generally want to own the whole lot, I even adore his pre-collections. I think that is mostly because not only is it all lovely but much of it is wearable, workable into most wardrobes and not too horrifically priced.

For me I liked the way that Lim turned Dada-ism into a grunge inspired collection... I love the ay that he has made patchworking and mis-matched fabrics and textured desirable, edgy, chic and what every girl in the world wants to wear. I love that there is something for everyone... Whispy silk parkas with massive pockets? Check! Patchwork denim? Check! Shredded khaki knits and checked shirts? Check! Diaphonous floral tea dresses? Check! Pink suede dungarees? Check! Logo tees? Check! There was a bit of grunge for every side of grunge, no matter what you want Lim covered it... With aplomb!

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