Thursday, 22 August 2013

Pink is the new black...


Simone Rocha



Topshop Gwenda heels, £58, I also NEED them in lilac...

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Confession time... I am not usually one for trends, or "following" anything fashion related, however I have a dirty new obsession. A brand new fashion perv if you must... Pink. Yes the girlies, tackiest, fluffiest colour of them all. And not just your average fuchsia, I am talking sugary, candy floss hued, Pepto Bismol/Calpol pink. 

But this so ain't pink as you know it... I'm talking mixing textures like leather, PVC, and angora with a dash of gossamer light silk... I'm talking wearing princess coats with lilac stilettoes and yesterday's mascara (and knickers) This look will be a mixture f the subversive, the slutty and downright decadent. I will be mixing shades of sugary pink, teaming full, fifties skirts with transparent blouses and high heels... It will be my way of doing Stepford wife meets Linda Lovelace with a kick of Paris Hilton and Anna Dello Russo for good measure. I like to think of it as Hi meets low brow. 

I realise that my winter wardrobe would be resembling a pastel paint factory when I saw Simone Rocha's collection which was inspired by her Grandma... and i realised this was the way forward. I have already acquired a baby pink PVC pencil skirt, blue slut shoes and a mint green oversize cable knit jumper. Next are lilac pointed toe heels, and sheer check knee length kilt, a baby blu jumper and lashings of lemon. 

You see my idea of being all Lady Lady always has to have a twist, I am just not a girly girl and although the silhouette will be twee and oh so chic there will have to something "off" about proceedings. Such as lashings of ghetto gold, black n ail polish or a flash of bra through a see through gossamer fine blouse. You see what I'm getting at? A little slut to my Stepford... That is just me! I love to do things in a not quite perfect way, I think it makes a look interesting and all the more exciting. Where i8s the fun in utter perfection and looking pristine and "done"? I like to think there is none, and that is how I will justify my Naughty Granny look that I intend to spend the entire season owning all for myself. The baby pink PVC has already had her debut and the reaction was rather fabulous... For the next trick I will be teaming her with my oversize mint jumper and some silver brogues and cute frilly socks. Mostly because I can and partly because I love freaking out boys and nothing is weirder than a stripper skirt and Granddad jumper and shoes. 

I am loving the sheer breadth of what the upcoming season has to offer but grunge (bored of this already) and pared down minimalism are all very well, I feel like channelling a crazed Granny, or an undone lady rather than what else is being offered up. It just feels a bit more original and skew whiff than the usual cookie cutter trends that have been churned out. Plus I am definitely happy unless I am man repelling and impressing my fellow girls. It is more fun that way and the less put together I am the more comfortable feel in my own skin... Mostly cos I will be in a gay bar, dancing to disco and not worrying if the nearest bit of man candy is checking me out, cos I have the wrong equipment!

So think pink, if you've got any sense that is!

The Daily Perv

Yes fashion sex pests! The Daily Perv is back and I promise it will be a much, much more regular fixture to my weird fashion diary that is this blog.

Sooooo step forward the CĂ©line Side Cabas in woven lambskin... This is hella luxury... It may look like a tote fashioned from a laundry bag but ALAS it is delicately woven lmbskin to give that Dot Cotton effect. And it just makes my little heart beat fast. Mostly because I want the coat from the same collection, but then I would just look like a lady wearing an outfit made of laundry bags. But I think I could totally make that work... Or end up sectioned. 

Anyway I won't prattle, I will just leave you to lust...

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

a.p.c x Yeezy

I won't lie I am no Yeezy fan, I find him arrogant, angry and beyond publicity obsessed despite being a musical force to be reckoned with... which is a shame because his twattish tendencies end up outshining the fact that he is practically a musical genius almost as cool as the late great Biggie. Anyway, Kanye bashing aside I AM a massive fn of Jean Touitou and his wonderfully minimally Parisian brand A.P.C... So I will put my hostilities aside to celebrate ANOTHER great collab that Jean has magicked up and that is a capsule clothing collection, 2 years in the making with Monsieur Yeezy. This is further proof of West's perfectionist tendencies, apparently he wanted the fabrics, cuts and designs to be just so. Shame he couldn't manage with his sadly terrible efforts at Ready to Wear, okay okay I will be nice.

I can't ay much more than it is a lovely collection... it is perfectly minimal, chic and I recon would hang on the body in such a way that you just can't put into words why it is just so marvellous. If you are a fan or watcher of the Yeezy you will understand why this just screams him, but it is understated as opposed to brash, label heavy and edgy like he usually appears aesthetically. And for that I simply love it. I wan the t shirt... mostly cos I love a man's tee and because I am a lady and doubt it'll fit me in the way it would a penis packing Yeezy lover. 

So aside from the Kanye bashing, and blatant humble pie eating may I take this oppurtunity to heap further praise on the A. P. C founder, as he has successfully created a collaboration that is not only desirable but in keeping with the ethos and identity of his brand. It ain't too pricey either. But please don't buy into this cos of Yeezy, buy into it because it is a feat of clothing beauty and the sheer obsession and attention to detail West has poured into it mean that the fit, silhouettes and quality appear to be just delightful and well worth investing. And they aren't as ugly as the Nikes he designed. 

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