Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Roll up, Roll up...

Yesssssss! Fashion month is finally here... I have spent six months (well sort of, we had couture in July) waiting for this big fashion perving extravaganza and I have never been more excited... I'm usually more bothered about the round up of February shows because I am a total autumn/winter girl at heart and hardly shop much over summer, however this year was a total u-turn for me. Last September I nearly died of excitement because the shows and trends were FINALLY different... There were no lashings of Breton stripes, the usual nautical fare and boring sundresses... It was like a fifties, sherbet pastel/ice cream/macaroon explosion! I effing loved it all. So this September I am quite excited to see how s/s 13 will be shaping up aesthetically...

Thakoon S/S 13

First up from my NYFW highlights is Thakoon... Now I am a massive fan of the little collective of NY Asian designers because I for one am not really into the New York aesthetic but Thakoon, Alexander Wang, Philip Lim and Derek Lam always make me sneak a peek because their interpretations of the season is always fabulous. Thakoon's offering for this week was no disappointment, he utilised sumptuous florals and hummingbirds teamed with cool, simple shapes and fine gold lines almost giving a caged effect. I loved the little flashes of yellow, cobalt blue, green and hand made lace (which later on became the focal point of gowns cuts into butterfly and botanical shapes) and chunks of black that added a harder edge. I loved the way that the collection began to take on an edgy patchwork look.
Then halfway through wispy gossamer fine transparent layers and panels were teamed with teeny ditzy florals and the collection looked a lot more sweet and feminine, rather than hard and edgy. Towards the end laser cut shapes and huge transparent paillettes (massive disc like sequins if you're not too sure...) added a further cool look to proceedings. I just loved that the collection kept the same light, feminine floral/garden mood but catered for a zillion different tastes and styles... The point of a collection, no?

Victoria Beckham S/S 13

From the first flurry of shows Victoria Beckham caught my beady little eye, now Mrs Beckham and her collections aren't really what I ever wear or choose when shopping but I have decided along with a few Parisian brands (see Chloe, CĂ©line, Lancin, Chanel) her brand will be what I will be emulating when I grow up. Maybe be I even want to be her a little bit...
Her offering for next season didn't disappoint either, the useof soft minimal tailoring adding a grown up air to her floppy, short pleated dresses and skirts created a wonderfully minimal yet super polished aesthetic. I love that there is always a little knee length sculpted austerity for the slightly maturer client giving ladies of a certain age (and bank balance) the chance to look, well, fabulous! The colour palette was mainly monotone with flashes of sumptuous tomato red. The silhouettes were simply crisp, clean and gorgeous with the additions of her usual sport inspired sharp lines and panels... There were lovely panels of lace giving stiff, sharps shapes a cute burly feel. My favourite parts were the unadulterated slinky, lingerie inspired dresses that even the teensiest models were positively poured into... So the order of the Beckham day is... Buy these pieces whatever shape or style, and you will look effortless, cool and downright FIT! Go Vicky B!!!

Alexandre Herchcovitch

Thirdly in my round of New York fashion perving is the talented Alexandre Herchcovitch.... My favourite thing about this chap is his collections are rarely the same. I loved this collection because it was so different, cool and playful,compared to what I've seen so far. The shapes were deconstructed, minimal yet so well cut they still make you look wonderful. It was a huge mish mash of different textures, prints and silhouettes so it met all my eclectic needs.
There were mixtures of small checks, lathe checks, monotone and bold colours and prints. I loved the layering of checks with fine florals and graphic prints. I loved the cocoon shapes and flashes of egg yolk yellow that burst into proceedings later on in the collection. I liked that there was something childlike and rebellious about the heart motifs and clashing prints running through the collection.

Roll on next season....

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