Saturday, 11 July 2015

To fur or not to fur?!


This week Fendi showed their first ever haute couture show in Paris for fall, and in true Fendi style it was all about the fur... And only fur! Despite Europe still battling it's way through economic downturn haute couture sales, and fur especially fails to slow down. 

Ever since time began us humans have been draping ourselves in dead animals in order to stay toasty in winter for about 100,000 years. In Europe fur is farmed ethically under strict and heavily policed legislation, and all luxury houses adhere to these guidelines in order to trade. For this very pleasure you can drape yourself in mink, chinchilla, hamster, rodent and all manner of furs. I personally am a fur girl, I wear rabbit and mink and have been hankering after an arctic fox for many years.

However I sympathise and understand the argument with those who don't share my views. Although farmed ethically, and the meat unused is sold into the restaurant industry so nothing is wasted, the way the animals are killed for the fur trade is less than humane. Despite this my views won't change, but I always ensure that I buy only vintage and from European sources, I will never ever buy Chinese fur due to the suspicious nature of the fur and the barbaric farming and slaughter disgusts me beyond belief. 

In times when many are struggling to even buy food, haute couture is booming. Although deeply secretive and client lists are protected better than state secrets it is a well known fact that Russian, Middle eastern and Chinese women are the main beneficiaries of one off pieces sometimes danding six figure sums. 

In a world so exclusive the question on everyone's lips this season will be to fur or not to fur... I know what I'll be doing even if mine don't cost more than a house! 

Let me know what side you're on!