Saturday, 15 September 2012

J Dubbs + Toppers = Heaven

 images Jamie Hawkesworth (above)

my picks...

dress 39.99

 skirt 69.99
rubix cube 14.99

 loafers 69.99

 iphone case 14.99
cats eye knit 69.99

I am a huge, dirty great fan of a Topshop collab and was super duper excited when I read in Grazia magazine last week that on the 14th September an awesome, well priced and true to the designer collection was set to land... I have been a keen fan of 27 year old J W Anderson (Jonathan William, J Dubbs to his mates) since he quietly landed on the LFW calendar via the Topshop NEWGEN initiative a few seasons ago. I thought it was rather awesome it launched on the first day of LFW as he is one of the rising, shining superstars to be launched and given a helping hand via the now iconic NEWGEN platform. Topshop hand pick a selection of newbies to sponsor and get onto the coveted LFW schedule... and the NEWGEN  shows are always one to watch as the names that crop up tend to be some of the best to hit the calendar. Buyers hit up these shows to check out upcoming talent and find fresh fledgling talent to smatter the shop floors with.

Now you know someone is set to hit the big time if they are gracing the Topshop rails in a collaboration, and sometimes they are already a big name (for instance Marios Schwab, Jonathan Saunders and Sophia Kokosolaki were already well established when they hit the shop floors) plus it is always a way to get a piece of fashion history for a snippet of the price. The quality is always tip top and despite the distinctly lower price ticket (Mary Katrantzou for £350 not three grand anyone?) the designs are usually doppelganger's for the real deal swinging off the rails of luxury stores for a million times the price.

I love the whole lot, the paisley, the ghost knits, the fact the whole shebang is inspired by youth culture and street wear, as opposed to re-hashing old trends and fashions. I love that you can pick up iphone cases, earrings, umbrellas, badges and stationary along with clothing and cute loafers. I will be picking up a piece of quilted paisley, loafers, a ghost knit and some cute bits and bobs to accessorise it all with. Oh, and I can so see myself in the girlish striped tunic dress... Even if I will resemble a seven year old. The coolest part of the collection is it is all designed to be layered up all over each other to create an edgy mis-matched statement... However the beauty of the pieces is each and every one could hold its own as a single piece. That is what you need these days, more bang for your buck.

So if you are going to invest in anything this week, make it a bit of J Dubbs...

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