Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A Lioness stole my heart...

My favourite Christmas gift. Hands down. My little heart broke a bit when she passed away, I am no fanatic with a shrine in the attic, just a someone who loved what she did. I didn't think I could hear soul, pain and heartbreak quite like that on Back to Black. I also didn't think I would hear the wit, honesty, and quiet beauty like that on Frank. But I did, and I fell in love with her voice all over again. I hope she is at peace and that when she passed away her heart was a little bit healed from all the pain and battering it took. The words 'Hidden Treasures' don't even come close, not a little bit.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Festive charm and cheer...

So far I am having a marvellous, magical, present filled Christmas...due to the power of the Apple-tastic technology for the iPhone I can post ( dedicated as I am!) unfortunately I didn't get my wish list...I do get 4 1/2 days with my boy. Not quite a week but loverly all the same!
Santa brought me...
Miss Dior Cherie
Pennies from Papa
Treats from Lush
Bambi jumper
Strawberry Necklace
Business card holder

Very excited! Merry merry Christmas

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Resort, pre-collections, cruise, whatever...

Moschino Cheap & Chic
3.1 Philip Lim
All images courtesy of style.com - Pre-Fall 2012

Regardless of what you call the in between collections, buying for your holiday or simply because you're a die hard fan they are hands down some of my favourite collections. For you history buffs they were originally named "Cruise" when they came about in the 20s to service wealthy clients who holidayed on cruise liners in winter months and were unable to find clothes suitable at the time. For me some pre-collections are almost as fabulous or just as fabulous as the main event. Oft designers use the opportunity as creative outlets, heavily trend led collections (cashing in on street trends/momentary trends) or simply as a change in direction. Anyway I AM a big fan of these lovely additions to the fashion calendar and embrace their twice yearly pop ups...

I hope you like what I selected....

Dear Santa...

the boy...
illustration by helena charara
no introduction necessary...
monsieur saint laurent
the bicycle of my dreams!

With it being a time for giving and receiving all that, I thought I would do a little post along the lines of my festive wish list. It's rather personal, and some may say frivolous but it will give a little insight into me...
The perfect shade of red lipstick
A Chanel bicycle (complete with Chanel saddlebags!)
A big snow globe (I collect them so far I have only 2 miniature ones)
Irreverent by Carine Roitfeld
An hour with Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent
A Celine tote
A Chanel iPhone case
Jil Sander floral bubble dress
A week with the boy just to myself
Unlimited mince pies and no weight gain!
Ab Fab boxset
A meeting with Truman Capote and F. Scott Fitzgerald
Iris Apfel's wardrobe

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Hard at work...

Doodles, drawings and ditties...

Missing you. My icon.

Christmas time isn't just a time for presents, roast potatoes and watching Annie again. I find it a time for reflection, reassessing and remembering people and sad moments I've experienced... This being my take on a FASHWAN blog and all things fashion being my main perversion I'm taking the time to remember one my all time favourite designers, and I know everyone is banging on about the same fellow but Mr Lee McQueen had a special place in my little heart. I grew up admiring, adoring and relishing his collections, and this has meant that I will always adore, idolise and cherish him and his work. I loved that he was all about the showmanship and the collections being heavily researched and worthy of museum exhibitions not a life on the shop floor. I love that it was all a two finger salute to commerciality and being about the sell. So as the second anniversary of his death approaches I will take time this festive period to remember him (and many of my other icons) and his legacy. I love what Sarah Burton is doing at his house, and think that the collections are keeping his spirit alive, and moving the house on. I just keep crossing my fingers that Savage Beauty will open here soon and I can be in the same rom as some of the most wonderful, epic creations I have ever peeked at on Style.com. On a closing note, I shall always remember and relish the memory of Running straight into him and nearly knocking us both over at Dover Street Market. "Sorry darlin' " were his words to me. My heart nearly stopped with embarrassment and sheer joy that THE Alexander McQueen had SPOKE to me. Something I will never forget, not in a lifetime.
(Image courtesy of Vogue magazine)

ab fab.

I actually cannot wait. I know in regards to Christmas day I should be more excited about stuffing my face, spending time with my nearest and dearest, emptying my stocking, mince pies and general festive fun... Alas there is a another reason, and that my dear readers is AB FAB. 10pm, BBC 1 and I will be curled up, blanket wrapped guzzling Cava (wishing it was Bolly sweetie, darling) and generally revelling in the wonderment that is Absolutely Fabulous. As a young fan I was more Saffy, now I'm a bit of an Eddy (sartorially) and generally a very big lover. The three new episodes (and rumoured film) have been muchly anticipated by moi and every other FASHWAN addict and general Ab Fab lover. I hope everyone is as excited as me...
(image courtesy of blog.tvguide.co.uk)

Monday, 14 November 2011

The Help...

the help
last week i watched the help, directed by Tate Taylor. i thought it was one of the most beautiful, inspiring and generally wonderful films i have ever seen. WATCH IT! In a world where we all think we are hard-done by, this film makes you realise we have it just peachy, and to be thankful.

This weekend...

this weekend...
I have been mostly illustrating. I also threw a little calorie-tastic sleepover for two of my dearest friends. It involved wine, baked goods and Pretty Woman. Which in my opinion is one of the most brilliant , cult films of all time. Guilty pleasure, yes. Culturally marvellous, no. I do have a list of films I adore that would get me more cultural credibility, however sometimes you just need Pretty Woman!

my first...

This is me...
This is my first post, and weirdly I am very scared! silly I know but putting yourself out there totally is quite scary. anyway I decided to be brave and get blogging...anyhow i thought i'd start by putting some of my work up on here and go from there...