Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Daily Perv

Enter Valentino Rockstud. I have gathered that I am not a biased Rockstud pervert, I would like pieces from Rockstud Popcouture, Rockstud Nude AND Rockstud Naked. I'm no bigot. Neither a hater. I am a lover. Ever since I saw Alexa Chung rocking the original rockstud a couple of years ago I have perved at them from afar. Now I am just coming out as a MASSIVE pervert of the Rockstud variety. I have no idea why, I put it down mostly to the fact it is a weird lady/edgy bastard baby hybrid. I do love an item that has something a little 'off' about it, and I think it's because Valentino have managed to make something as twee as the kitten heel a covetable item of sexual fashiongasm delight. I challenge you to fin something that marries both the ladylike and the punky so well, and in such a covetable form.  Never have I lusted after something so much since I first clapped eyes on the Céline Nano tote... and that was some serious leather lust. 


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Girl Gives Good Camel

MaxMara embodies how we should all dress once we have passed a certain age... however this season the house has done what all houses that embody 'chic middle aged dressing' dream of doing. They pulled a blinder. I imagine this collection is what it looks like to be in Phoebe Philo's head but in varying, discerning shades of Camel. MaxMara is the only house that manages to re-use a colour regularly and not be boring. Oh and boring it isn't! I for one love a hut of camel, caramel, nude, beige, toffee... whatever you want to call it. It became cool this season. All because of MaxMara. I love that the house has ignored all other trends, looks etc and stuck to what they know best. Even if it is associated with a humped animal that spits. And camel toe. But MaxMara does it with sheer conviction and I rather do love that, I loved the layered sheepskin and varying lengths that are so wrong they are right. Very right. The best thing about MaxMara is that they manage to make camel almost exciting, the fact they can do such cool and lovely things with one shade. Obviously they delved in browns, black, yellow and a blink-and-you'll-miss-it grey look  but the majority of it was that of the two humped and spitting variety. I adored the 70s inspired black moment at the end. It was all very sports luxe and moody.The shapes were a little Céline-ish but that made it all the more delightful. It was chic and simple, and didn't look Mumsy, or Nanaish like it usually does. Like Victoria Beckham and Céline, this is how I want to look when I grow up. MaxMara is the embodiment of Milanese cool, and we could all learn a little from that.

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Friday, 22 February 2013

Commes des Carrés

Circuit 24 Faubourg gingham

Couverture et Tenues du Jour


Giant Patchwork


So... Two of my all time favourite brands have decided to make sex and produce a FASHWAN-tabulous collaboration baby in the name of Commes de Carrés... The brainchild and much anticipated collaboration between Commes des Garçons and Hermès. The Japanese powerhouse masterminded by Rei Kawakubo have done the unthinkable and produced a collection of scarves with the French super brand. Hermès silk scarves are beautiful, detailed and extremely traditional in design. Much of the prints are centred around the brand's equestrian heritage and involve horses and equine tack as well as uniform details. In true Commes fashion the designs have been spliced with geometric overlays and childlike scrawling and doodles... Some stuffy types may say it's defacing a classic... I call it sheer, utter genius. Of late Hermès have become one of the most desired brands like EVER! Be it the sky high prices or the fact it's so exclusive being a Birkin owner is like being in a secret club. Handbags once associated with the super rich and super classic are now carried by hipsters, WAGs and celebs alike.... I think the collaboration is one of the cleverest and unexpected I have ever seen. One of France's most adored and revered houses teaming with the darling of the super-cool Commes des Garçons.... A teaming that I would never expect or imagine to happen, it'd be like Lindsay Lohan taking over the helm at Chanel or Lady Gaga collabing with MaxMara, and exactly why it's uber genius. I don't think I could have loved either brand any more. C'est parfait!

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

London I love you...

I always love a bit of Roksanda, and so do the reams of WAGs, politico wives and celebs because she designs for women, and herself she says... I got the feeling this season she has either had a bit of a style overhaul or she fancied a change, whatever it was I liked it. Roksanda Ilincic usually shows dress heavy collections, structured and sculptural with the right amount of minimal and cool. This was a rfereshing change, filled with pieces I recon a whole lotta women would want to wear. There was lashings of baby pink latex that added a quirky edge to the usually chic designer's offerings. I like the sculpted midi lengths that puffed out from sinewy waists, a look usually au fait with Raf Simons and the like... I liked the plasticcy textures and OOOHHHH the furry collars!!! I loved the green coat that appeared to have a ginger moustache reticent of something from The Muppets. It was delightful.

Oh Mr Bailey! Like cheese you get better with age... This season he wanted to reflect a play on classics and how much he loves the old wardrobe faithfuls. I'm sure there were many other more complicated themes and whatnot at play, but I thought it was rather smashing. I loved that for a house so steeped in history and heritage Bailey found the time to revamp Burberry's classic trench, and tis season it involved latex and lots of it. I especially liked the see through pencil skirt flashing heart printed knickers. The classic pencil was reworked again in the shape of python and striped silk with cute fluffy jumpers peeking out. And the pony skin!!!! I couldn't work out whether I preferred it printed with love hearts or animal prints... I recon I could live with both in my wardrobe! Be still me beating heart Bailey, you served up a blinder this season... If this is his idea of a classic (and we all know your wardrobe should be filled with them) I would drape myself in it top to toe. 

Erdem collections are usually resplendent with colour, and this season he offered up a new dark and haunting take on proceedings... Erdem has become synonymous with his use of print, florals and lace as well as intricate and beautiful embellishments, it seemed that for AW13 he has gone in a a similar direction but with much darker undertones. The lace was delicate and sheer but undoubtedly BLACK! he has paillettes, feathers and beading but with a distinct lack of colour, I think he did the shade justice. Erdem did black in a delicate, chic and as always utterly elegant way. i loved the flashes of pale pink, yellow and his signature florals, but all of it had dark and deep undertones which I adored. I love that he wholeheartedly embraced the trend for sheers that has carried on from last season, and he did it in the most chic and non-slutty way, and still managing to make it ultra sexy and alluring without baring too much. It almost felt like his garden had died. Utterly, eerily beautiful.

Ohhhhhh Giles! Definitely last but by no means LEAST... God I love this fella!!! this show was typical Giles Deacon, I loved that he presented a collective of gorgeous zombie girls who all looked amazing despite being a bit dead looking. The beanies!!!! Oh my, where do I get one of those bad boys. I wish I could have included it all, you must go and look, my little collection don't do it justice. I love that Kristen McMenamy (the super super) opened and closed... I loved that it was haunting, stunning and just wonderful. Giles touched on many different things and brought it all together in a stunning offering. As ever heavy on the textures, embellishment and ohhhh the GOLD! I just simply loved it all, he encapsulated London perfectly. The slouchy beanies with the utterly enchanting gowns. Just perfect.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Love letter to Simone

One of my recent all time LFW faves showed this morning, and that my friends is Simone Rocha. Her daddy the london powerhouse John Rocha was perched proudly on the frow, and proud he should be!

Rocha showed another tantalisingly wonderful show, and it kept to her girly yet super cool aesthetic. Things felt a little more polished this season, but it was still utterly gorgeous. Proceedings kicked off with lashings of calpol pink in cute sixties-esque silhouettes that were almost a little Jackie O but in a much cuter way. Everything had pockets and cute peter pan collars, details that have become synonymous with Simone. This girl makes dresses that we all want to wear, cute girly and with just the right touch of tough. They are worn with brogues and clumpy plastic booties adding a little bit of 'weirdy' to the look. The hair was ruffled and resplendent of 'walk of shame' but the looks oozed an air of 'god I wish I looked like her... or knew her!'

My favourite part of the collection was the way it all had a bit of a boyish air, the cropped pale pink trousers and beautifully detailed shirt all cut with  a bit of 'nicked off my boyfriend' feel to it. The way the dresses hang a little oversized and smacks of a girl borrowing off her mum, or not caring that nothing quite fits. Loved it. The other best part of it all was the colour palette... The sugary pinks, creams, nude and flashes of sparkly black are just perfect. I don't know what it is, but i love Simone Rocha and what she offers up season after season. I think for a new designer she just gets it right, it isn't too ground breaking or OTT but it is just what girls like me want to wear. That is all you need I guess, it is all the kind of pieces that can be thrown on with other things and still look fabulous. I love the frills bursting from models hips on prettily perfect ace dresses. I love the flashes of sparkle on the black dresses taking it from to plain to party. I love that she makes pink a colour that I usually wouldn't want in my life, but done by Simone and I NEED it, and want everything I wear to be that colour. Plus any collection with hi-shine black PVC gets my vote... I love anyone who can make hooker look haute. I also love the matted teddy bear-esque faux fur. She makes me want to dress like a teddy bear. And for that I love her.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sugar Kane

Be still my beating heart, how I love you Mr Kane. Christopher Kane and PPR is a match made in fashion shagging heaven, I just loved it. Damn. After finishing off his last Frankenstein inspired collection with a human brain, he followed it on with this collection that intended to represent a brain fizzing with creativity. I have no idea what it means, but I loved it. I get the impression that with the camp print, patchwork gossamer squares layered upon each other and the flowers and rosettes of collections past it was a delving into his archive.

Some may say this was him kissing goodbye to the old and saying hello to a new luxury era, the input of luxury conglomerate PPR was evident with the lashings of fur and a look heavy collection. whatever, it is a positive input from my opinion. Don't get me wrong his life may now be more driven by targets and profit, but any monetary investment can only mean good things for a fledgling London boy. Kane isn't short of stockists or fans, but this just means he can be taken to a broader audience and can produce product without the constraints of smaller budgets. I am a big lover of Kane, so knowing that he can carry on and only grow is music to my little ears. Plus with Donatella as one of your biggest fans things can only be good. 

Back to the collection, and all I can say is I flaming well loved it. It was dark, haunting and sexy all at the same time. So what if he was saying goodbye to his past, that can only mean the future, and I predict for Kane it will be rosy. I would quite like a camo kilt, and a dress that looks to be made of curtain ties and rope. It was London boy at its best... Edgy, cool and sure to be a hit with the editors. And he picked up on one of the biggest upcoming print trends (CAMO) to please the commercially led big boys at PPR. 

Long live Christopher Kane. 

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