Sunday, 28 April 2013

A lesson in girl impressing and man repelling

How to girl impress/man repel...

Dungarees, £45, Asos

Hyper Cherries MK II, £320, Piers Atkinson

Givenchy tee, £380, Matches 

Céline mink shoes

There is no better past time of mine than man repelling, the art of dressing for one self and other women which oft results in the repelling of man repelling. I also find it is one of the greatest reasons for fashion and its existence, mostly for the reaction it garners off men and women. Girls are oft impressed by the most edgy and fashion forward looks a girl can rock, and boys are usually horrified/confused/repulsed/amused in equal measure. I love gaining such mixtures of reactions from boys, I find it totally hilarious. Especially when they laugh. Then I know I have completed my mission in dressing as randomly as is humanly possible. 

I never intended to be this kind of dresser, I just kind of dress for myself and tend to throw on whatever I want, or whatever is closest to hand. The only rule that I have is to NEVER match (unless of course I am attending a wedding/funeral/job interview) and that an element of said ensemble should seem a little 'off kilter' to help me create the desired effect. I only ever get compliments when I am in this mood of dressing of other girls and my gay husbands, and this suits me just fine. Oh, the odd hipster (straight) boy may rarely compliment too, and we may share tips on where to buy vintage and loafers. I enjoy being this way, I just love the element of the devil-may-care attitude and I like not caring what others think, why should I? Why should anyone? I hate this culture of the Best Dressed/Worst Dressed list bullshit, women's magazines should not have the audacity to dictate and judge on what they deem is acceptable for a woman to wear. I tend to prefer the Worst list anyway, it is always the really cool girls that end up on it, that have more courage to wear the standard 'tight dress/high heels/bouncy blow dry' formation that seems to be pimped by every stylist and hair and make up team the world over. 

Don't get me wrong there is a bad taste line that can be crossed and you can go from man repelling to child scaring, when you suspect this might be the case take something away or change completely. I don't think I have ever managed this feat of scary outfit but I have probably come quite close. Not that I'd notice, I'm too busy boy scaring which I find rather fun. I love a girl with courage, it is nothing but refreshing.

So with this in min 'Go Forth and Man Repel!' It's fun...


  1. I love this post and totally get what you mean about guys hating clothes that are a bit more out there! I'm loving crazily patterned trousers at the moment but my bf just thinks they're weird haha xx

    1. Awww thanks for the love!!! Much appreciated... I love it too... I actually don't care and take pleasure in it!!! hahaha


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