Saturday, 20 April 2013

Kenzo x Vans

I am a Kenzo pervert. There I admitted it. I am also a secret fan of Vans... I only own one pair that I love and wear a lot in summer, but I am definitely going to have to extend my collection, for the skate brand of coice have done one hell of a cool collab with Kenzo. This is the first collaboration for the fashion house under the creative direction of Opening Ceremony founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. 

The pair are no strangers to the collaboration as the founders of Opening Ceremony, and have executed some amazing joint ventures, but convincing Vans (as well as New Era) to do some sexy business with them at Kenzo is pretty fabulous. The brand which is well known for it's heyday in the 70s has become the go-to for hipsters and fashion kids alike, with prices at the lower end of the designer price scale it is easily accessible and the tees, sweets, accessories and now Vans are at a price point that many can afford. For the collab with Vans they have used the overblown leopard print that they are fast making Kenzo known for to add a cute, cool and downright fabulous Vans collection. Don't get me wrong you probably won't see many of these at the skate park, but I am sure that every hipster, fashion editor and buyer worth their salt will be rocking these bad boys at the weekend. I for one want every single print!

The main reason I am oh so loving not only this little team up, but Kenzo as a whole is bcause they may not be dirt cheap, but this price point is making them not only commercially ready, but making such a covetable and on trend brand easier to afford. Most boys and girls can only dream of owning designer pieces, and spend months or even years saving for things but things like the Kenzo phone cases, New Era caps and now these Vans mean you can have a piece of the Japanese pie without bashing the plastic too hard.

I want every pair...


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