Friday, 19 April 2013

Diary of a Lady part 3

blouse £14.99, H&M

jeans £9, Primark, customised by moi
first pair of Louby's, priceless

trousers, £36.99, Zara

shorts, £29.99, Zara
baggy shorts that make my legs look skinny, AWESOME!!!

Being heartbroken is a funny old thing, it does some strange things to you. As well as being the only one of my friends to lose 10lbs over Christmas, I lost the will to get dressed in the mornings. For someone so obsessed with all things fashion, style and god knows what else related this was a funny old feeling. Don't get me wrong, I in no way consider myself "cool/stylish/edgy/chic/good looking" but I like to think I can give good outfit and know my haute from my Primark. 

Despite this, after being extremely brave and plucking up the courage to walk away from a long term relationship (that meant the world to me, but simply wasn't working anymore) my heart being broken into a trillion sparkly red pieces meant that simply getting out of bed was a chore, so when it came to getting dressed I got terribly lazy. Despite losing weight I felt horrible, flabby and nothing short of repulsive. I got into a funk, and a habit of rotating leggings, oversized jumpers and anything I deemed comfortable that I could get my hands on. I just wanted to hide. Not only myself but my body as well. 
After a couple of months of crying, missing the boy and moping constantly, I emerged bleary eyed and awoke one morning feeling happy. Yes happy. After 2 months of no exercise (which if you know me is, well, weird) I rejoined the gym and decided to stop comfort eating or not eating at all and to sort myself out. I felt happy after all. I don't care what people say, leaving someone hurts the same as the one being left, and I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions and being predominantly miserable.
So after coming through feeling rather fabulous I decided enough was enough. I look like a lady, and now had to start dressing like one. Not a homeless person. I haven't been the most girly in the past, but I wanted to celebrate myself a little bit better. I'm no Karlie Kloss but I don't look too terrible. Also I have decided to start wearing more clothes that fit, and things that look less like maternity wear. So I decided as well as using most of what I already have, I have decided to make a few additions after getting paid. Yes, yes I know it is all from two places but I'm no Rockefeller and they are two of my favourite shopping haunts. I hope you like what I picked up and there will be more to come in my quest to be a lady.

As well as my sartorial overhaul I decided to make a drastic image change as well, and have gone back to my straight locks after a while rocking my afro. I think a lot of it had to with the ex loving my hair curly over straight, and the fact I just wanted to look totally different to me of recent times. I admit I am loving it, and people freaking out has been quite fun. I have mainly loved it being a part of the brave, new me. The new me who is making 2013 her year, and using this new found happiness to take on my career and give it a kick start. Hopefully this time next year the transformation will be complete. I will keep you posted...

PS. Sorry the posting halted, I needed some time to disappear and motivate myself, oh and stop crying over a boy! Thank you to all those who read the blog and support me...

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