Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday Funday

YO YO YO!!! Thought I'd try a new little feature... it won't be super regular because in my other life as a luxury shop girl I wear a uniform daily... So no superhero dressing/wearing what I like/girl impressing for me. 
Today is a day off so I get to dress for me... Seeing as the sun was shining when I left the flat I opted for my favourite leg covering which are my Zara UBER pink skinny trousers, Chanel pumps (that got soaked in the storm) a fave tee I scored for a measly £1, a collar, silly bobble hat and some Lolita-esque sunnies for some Monday Funday times. Sadly the heavens open, the thunder thundered and I got soaked after a much needed catch up with a dear little friend of mine...

I hope you enjoy the new blog addition... Imma make it as regular as I can...

Happy Monday Funday!!!

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