Thursday, 18 April 2013

New Girl...

I've spent the best part of four months nursing a broken heart and trying rebuild my little life after spliyting with a boy that I lived with, it turned my world upside down and then some...

It is only in the past few weeks that I have started to feel marginally human again and felt ready to face the world. After losing a little weight and making a rather drastic image change... I am wearing the afro straight again... I needed to do something drastic with myself because after feeling like the world was ending. I wanted to look totally different in order for the new me to face the world. I have been showered in compliments and had friends find me unrecognisable. As well as this I vowed to carry on with my 'lady' transformation and have been indulging in regular hair cuts and eyebrow threading, teaching myself to use curling irons, lavishing expensive skin and hair care on myself, and I am planning to add gel nails and bikini waxing to the agenda. One day I WILL get to the stage of never washing my own hair but I am SO not rich enough. 

As well as this I am working on the potty mouth and have been investing in more fitted clothes and generally trying to be as lady as possible. The biggest change that I wanted to implement was sorting out my little life and developing my career path into something fashion-y and that I am obsessed with, not just flogging clothes to the rich. This week the flatmate and I were faced with the dilemma of our landlord selling our home and us having until July, or until it is sold thereafter to find a new gaff. After much soul searching and idea planting I have decided a HUGE change is afoot... I was planning on disappearing to London towards the end of the year, but what with all this flat selling malarkey I have decided to do something out of my comfort zone and take a big fat risk... I'm going in July!!!

I have been dreaming of this for years, and wish I had been braver sooner, so I am off to a new city. A new career. A new girl. Recently I have been feeling happier, more confident and much more bold so I think this will suit this new girl. Don't get me wrong... I am shitting myself. But I am ecstatic. I may only be doing something shop related at first, but I have high hopes and think only fun, magical and big things are on my little horizon. Plus only great things can happen with my blog down there, mostly in terms of zillions of wonderful folk to document and share with you.

Wish me luck...


  1. Oh lovely,
    I hope you find some comfort soon.
    I bet you'll come out of this a beautiful strong woman!
    Heartbreak is the worst pain in the world and GOOD LUCK!

    Kelly ||

    1. Thank you! I am sure I will... it is horrible, painful and pretty tiresome now. I am sure I will come out on the other side a lot better. I find writing about it quite cathartic though...