Friday, 23 November 2012

Super Duper What a Trooper

  In the age of the Daphne's Miranda's and Lara's lets not forget the original super duper models. The women that made models household names and won them multi-million dollar cosmetics contracts... Without Kristen, Linda and co these girls would still be relegated to editorial shoots and Sports Illustrated calendars. With the likes of Gianni Versace helping to make them the most powerful bitches of the nineties and helping to ensure they didn't get out of bed for less than ten GGs these were the girls that RULED the world. With brands paying millions for catwalk exclusivity and private jets at their finger tips the phrase "supermodel" was coined for them.

  Kristen McMenamy is a personal fave of mine because she belonged to the waif like and gamine "heroin chic" camp inhabited by the likes of Kate Moss... She had the same ethereal quality and unkempt aesthetic that Moss did, and that Corrine Day championed. I love that at nearly fifty and with waist length white hair Kristen is still walking and working now... In demand of some of the biggest houses and publications. I love that she looks permanently haunted and detached from reality, I love that she isn't typically beautiful and wouldn't be caught dead on the Victorias Secret catwalk... It's the fact she is so NOT commercial yet so in demand all at the sane time. In recent images she has maintained a ghost-like presence with her anti-TOWIE alabaster skin and sinewy figure and ensuring that despite being so far removed from what is deemed 'on trend' in the modelling world she is still relevant and as fabulous as ever. She is almost the human embodiment of heroin chic and the juxtapose it represented in fashion at the time,  long live Queen Kristen!

May the old guard reign supreme!

images courtesy of i-D magazine. Photographs by Daniele + Iango. Fashion by Patti Wilson. Concept by Luigi Murenu.

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