Saturday, 3 November 2012

Sometimes it's all in a bag

 Luggage Mini in cream python
 Luggage Phantom
 Cabas in whips multicolour
Trio bag

  I have a concerning obsession with handbags, particularly those of the designer variety... Heck, I can even pinpoint my obsession to those from the Parisian and New York regions which I know is rather demented but at least I am specific eh?! I do have the odd pervert affair with those of the Milanese variety, however these flings are fleeting. My current designer du jour is definitely Céline. Without a doubt. Phoebe Philo has cooked up a right old storm for Winter 2012 leather goods collection, and my filthy fashion perving has gone cray cray and resulted in me lusting a number of the leather hand instruments that the house has on offer. 

  Since the demise of the IT bag that was made a sensation by footballers wives, reality telly stars and another Parisian brand in question, Chloé who invented the infamous Paddington which involved a giant padlock and was seen in the crook of the arms of many an It girl, model and actress worth her weight in kale salads, handbags have developed a bit of a cult status and brands have been fighting to produce something that doesn't fall into the 'It' category but is deemed cool enough by fashion editors and consumers that women have no qualms about shelling out just over a grand for one, opt if fabulous enough up to the cost of a small car or house deposit.

  For me it takes a lot for a handbag to fall under my spell, it needs to be a little obscure enough for it not to be carried by every lady and her dog and but not so edgy that it looks like I'm carrying a work of sculpture that I've just nicked from the Tate. And that is where Céline comes in... Purveyor of luxury goods, and the stuff that fashion dreams are made of. The collection is not only draped all over the sinewy bodies of fashion editrixes and society bitches but splashed all over the pages of some of the powerful fashion glossies in the industry. If I could wear the whole lot head to the I would, it is so offing cool I would spend my days looking so chic I would have Karl Lagerfeld sobbing into his salad. To finish off such effortless ensembles the fashion house designs some of the most coveted and well carried handbags in the industry. Only those in the know and aware of how cool and iconic the brand is  would want to invest in such hawwwwt handbags... I for one am just a fashion pervert with a penchant for the fabulous and every single one of these fits the bill. Now I just need my numbers to come up on the Euromillions so I can get them all, and carry them all at the same time and look like a crazy old bag lady running away from the men in white coats... Aaahhhh the stuff of fashion pervert dreams

all images courtesy of www.Cé

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