Saturday, 3 November 2012

Do the double C

  I have a secret obsession, and it is to own a particular handbag... I have wanted a Chanel Timeless Classic for as long as I can remember. Not even seeing Z-List celebs and soap stars carrying the quilted beauty stops my lusting after the accessory in question. My desire for owning one of these babies never wavers and I have promised myself that my christmas gift in 2013 with will be one these, it will be hard because I will have to abscond from purchasing anything for most of the year in order to save up for it but I know that the felling of handing over my hard earned pounds and pennies that I have squirrelled away like acorns will be so satisfying that I think I will want to cuddle her everyday from here until I meet my maker. Damn it I want to be buried with her.

  In a weird, stalker-ish way I also already know what composition my purchase will be made up of... Lambskin. Gold hardware. So shiny and yellow that it'll glisten like the blond flowing locks of my idols Carrie Bradshaw, Kate Moss, Cara Delevigne and Marilyn Monroe. The lambskin is soft and quilted like a pillow. I want the smaller Jumbo size as I am a self confessed bag lady and need enough room to fit a number of essentials that I simply cannot be without for a whole day (purse, card holder, umbrella, cosmetic bag, iPhone, reading materials and a few miscellaneous bits of crap I can't seem to get through the day without and fish out like a little prize) therefore the handbag needs to be of sufficient size to hold these things.

  I another stalkerish turn of events I happen to already own the matching purse (in exact matching skin/hardware) choosing this particular matching mini me meant that it was almost like a deposit or promise assuring myself that my much lusted after quilted handbag-baby will be mine. I am unsure as to why I have decided to post about one of innermost hankerings, but sometimes I like to keep my posts personal (still fashion related) but I like to be able to give a little of myself so readers can get a little bit of an understanding as to who I am and what drives me and makes me tick. You may think it shallow and vapid that much of my musings are all fashion/clothing/accessory/photography etc etc based but these are the very subjects that drive me, when I talk of these things my heart beats a little faster and my cheeks flush like I have see a lover... However the things that fire my little heart are all fashion porn related and this is what makes me remember my heart will always lie within the realms of couture and expensive handbags. Shallow maybe, but still a passion nonetheless.

Hopefully this time next year I will be posting about an imminent Double C purchase, wish me luck in hoarding pennies for this venture...

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