Thursday, 29 November 2012

Classics Never Die

  Usually I am a total unadulterated impulse shopper with no regard for trends, what I am buying and especially how long it'll last in every sense of the word... I don't seem to care how long it will last or how long I will be wearing it for, I just grab and run. However, recently I have had a change of sartorial heart and seem to be considering things in terms of investment and have been lusting after (and purchasing) things that will be serving me longer than your average Primark jumper. I don't know whether it is getting older, or simply because at work I am constantly surrounded by things that have a three (or four!) figure price tag, and much of them fall into the 'Classic' or 'key piece' categories that many a fashion tome prattle on about and tell you that as long as you have each of them you will never have to buy another thing again. Now I have never discounted the power of the key piece, I just tend to dress like a crazy bag lady who left her sanity at the door, but I do like to pick up quality key pieces that I know will serve me well, and that I can throw on when I can't be bothered thinking about what to put on. 

  My most recent purchase (and a mere two days old) is the ever iconic Burberry trench coat, that I have wanted for many many years and was truly ecstatic to get my hands on. I don't know why this piece in particular has resonated with me so much, I think it is my desire to be a grown up and be regarded as stylish or chic... A look that I never seem to master often and that I would love to pull off, you see one of my true icons is Audrey Hepburn and I have forever admired her gamine air, and ability to make a simple breton tee and cropped trousers look like the coolest thing on the planet. I imagine her wrapping a trench around her and teaming it with capri trousers and ballet pumps and pulling off that very chic French simplicity so well. So I guess having my very own trench makes me feel a step closer to being as Audrey as I possibly can.
  Secondly, I have been on a quest to become more ladylike, and although I think me behaving more of a lady has a long way to go, I feel that aesthetically I am getting there. Don't get me wrong I am no aristocrat, but I am much more polished than I was a year or two ago. I seem to be slowly weening myself off my super comfy leggings! However, they do say old habits die hard... So I'm not quite Carine Roitfeld yet! But with every sensible purchase I feel like I am getting a step closer to the me I thrive for. I admit that my version of 'ladylike' is a little off kilter but that is what makes me, well me. So by mixing pieces that are truly chic with my vintage and my more eclectic pieces I create my own modern ladylike ideal. 

   There are a number of classic pieces that I feel should hang in every self respecting lady's wardrobe, and that should be invested in and I am going to list them... Feel free to comment and let me know if I've left any out that you feel I should have included... In no particular order...

1. At least one pair of well cut jeans. (J Brand, Ida, Citizens of Humanity, Acne)

2. A crisp, well cut white shirt. Mens styles look fabulous and chic too.

3. A pair of expensive, classic heels. 
(Prada, Rupert Sanderson, Choo, Louboutin)
They really are more comfortable.

4. A classic trench coat.

5. Black polo neck. (Uniqlo, Zara, John Smedley)

6. Good quality white tee. (T by Wang, American Vintage, Jil 
Sander) The quality does make a difference.

7. Ballet pumps. Just because. (French Sole, Repetto, Chanel, Office)

8. The fail safe dress. Preferably black. The one that always
makes you feel like the hottest girl in the room. Even on fat days.

9. Breton stripe tee. Classic and easy. (Zara, Petit Bateau, Gap, Cos)

10. The wild card. That random, off the cuff purchase that cost FAR 
too much. But you feel like the edgiest girl on the planet in it. 

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