Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Rites of Fashion Passage

  There are some things that us fashion perverts dream of, and one of them is to step onto the threshold of some of the most iconic names in fashion and make a purchase. I have had a number of things on my "wish list" for many years that I have been listing after and plotting conspiratorially in order to own. I have spent many an hour perusing the online stores of coveted brands, dropping things into my shopping basket or wish list and knowing that they are mine for that short cluster of minutes. I sit there daydreaming idly pairing said items with outfits and other items of clothing that would highlight the beauty of the item on my imaginary pervert list.
  Recently, thanks to a very messy divorce involving parents who haven't spoken or set eyes on one another for years I was gifted with a handsome sum of money by my darling Mum with which I was to spend accordingly. I was very sensible and assigned most of it to paying of financial indiscretions and messes that I had gotten myself into. However a princely portion I had set to one side in order to acquire a few items on my imaginary list of things a girl should own before she dies. 
And acquire them I did. I rarely publish personal posts as I try to keep the blog professional and within my chosen subject matter, but occasionally I like to let my readers into a tiny pocket of my personal life and give them an insight into my innermost personal thinkings.

  So dear readers here are a few things I acquired on aforementioned list of FASHWAN PORN lusts for you to peruse...

Chanel Pumps

  For trillions of years I have dreamed of owning a pair of Chanel ballet flats, I have been an obsessive of all things aesthetically Parisian for a long time and the epitome of Parisian chic has to be the classic ballet flat from Chanel. There are a number of colours that I have been lusting after, and I originally intended to buy navy or beige but talked myself into navy for practicality reasons. After trying a couple of sizes it turned out they didn't have navy in my size. I have always wanted the beige because they are one of the most classic and iconic colour ways, out of impulse I took them as I knew if I had to wait I would end up spending the money stupidly on something else.
Back to the reasoning... As I have grown older I have become much more inspired by minimalism as well as maximalism and have become accustomed to appreciating not only the eclectic but the chic and polished. For me the Chanel ballet flat embodies and epitomises this particular aesthetic that I occasionally like to embrace and coat myself in. So for me, in terms of picking iconic things that I may not get the chance to buy for myself for a long time they were top of my list. 

Christian Louboutin Decolleté Pump

The iconic crimson sole...

   For many, many years now I have dreamt of the shoe with the crimson sole, I can't explain why but I have always adored the wares of this particular shoe smith, and getting my hands on a pair has been a dream, wish and aim ever since. I think it was the episode of Sex and the City when Miranda's waters broke all over Carrie's beautiful fringed violet sandals... seeing Carrie heartbroken over a shoe that wasn't a Manolo (and such an ugly/chic shoe too!) sealed it for me I think.  Any girls first pair of designer heels will always be the most important, especially if like me you are from humble beginnings and you aren't commanding a six figure salary so this kind of purchase isn't just a factor in your daily wardrobe. Also I think every girl should have at least one pair of Loubys in their life, be it classic or one of the outlandish fashion styles. They are edgy, random and almost always fashionable, as well as the instantly recognisable red sole they command attitude and will always add an edge to any outfit. Plus, you can't buy the feeling that someone running over squealing "Ohmygod are they Louboutins?! Is that THE red sole I can see?" at you in admiration. That cannot be bottled.  I can safely say my cheeks flushed as red as the soles when that happened.

Chanel Wallet/Cosmetic bag

The last items I shall mention kare the purse and the cosmetic bag that I picked up alongside my pumps... I got the purse in the same leather/hardware combination that I want the matching handbag in... Weird I know - hear me out - but I chose it as a little reminder what the money I am currently slipping into my savings is for... It's only a tenner here and twenty quid there but every pound counts and all that. I saw it as a little goal to work towards, and having the same purse gives m an incentive to work towards in my quest for the dream handbag. Plus I figure just shy of two grand (I can my mother screaming "HOW MUCH?!!" from here) is nowhere near the mammoth amount it costs for the Birking I was waxing lyrical about in the last post.
  Sadly I can't have the cosmetic bag in the same combination, however the eccentric in me likes that they don't match entirely especially as that would be a little bit weird and verging on the obsessive compulsive. I have wanted a beautiful place to store my ever changing/growing collection of cosmetics that I insist on carrying around with me in case I need a touch up for a long time, mainly because not is just nicer to have than an ever changing array of cheap versions that I swap more often than I do my shoes. The most significant reason I chose this piece was because it makes me feel like a proper grown up... I struggle to ever feel this way mostly because I don't really act like one and am far from where I thought I was supposed to be at this age. And my fancy leather home for my ever growing collection of matching Chanel make up products makes me feel one little step closer to being a proper grown up. I guess all of these little sartorial rites of passage do in one way or another.

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