Thursday, 29 November 2012

Linda I love you!

   As you might have guessed I'm currently obsessing over the supers... The ones that became so famous in the nineties that they were known by their first names by pretty much the whole planet, even stamp collectors and train spotters that pretended not to care. One of my personal faves was always always Linda Evangelista, aaah Linda! The lady who exclaimed she wouldn't get out of bed for less than ten grand and whose hair (and eyebrow) colour changed more often than most folk change their knickers. When she cut off her hair it became her thing, and made those already sharp cheekbones look like they could cut glass. Along with Brooke Shields she made the power brow a 'thing' in the nineties and was never off Gianni Versace's catwalk... As well as popping up in a George Michael music video! She seems to be having a renaissance of late and her and her cheekbones have been cropping up all over the place. Plus she made is all drool with her courtroom ensembles in her recent child maintenance negotiations.
   Linda is proof that no matter what your age, you should always look fabulous. Now I do love the new crop of supers commanding the runways and ad campaigns, but Linda has always been one of the best. She is living proof that, in an industry that is often dictated by age, beauty and how rocking your body is age really doesn't matter if you are as fabulous, iconic and beautiful as she still is. I am loving that models of 'a certain age' are having a huge renaissance and proving that despite trends and the industry's insistence that you have to fit a certain mould dreamt up by casting directors, designers are ignoring this and picking fierce, stunning and powerful women from seasons past... They are showing that it isn't about age, but attitude, confidence and if you can still carry off their farms you will be booked whether you are 16 or 65, and I am impressed by this. Most days when I nip into the corner shop to pick up milk you can't move for publications slagging off famous folk if they have dared to put on a few pounds or they haven't got a face full of botox making them look fresher than your average ten year old, but the designers at the top of the game that dictate the trends and whose models make you feel like a beached whale if you aren't sample size are touting supers who are old enough to be the other girls' mothers and for this I salute them. Especially as in many other industries the minute you hot forty you are shoved in the cupboard to make room for some hot blond with prefer boobs, its nice to see the industry accused of being the most shallow and image obsessed ignoring the age issue.

If I had legs like Linda's I'd be getting them out 'til I'm 60! 

Go Linda!!!

images courtesy of i-D magazine. Photos by Daniele + Iango. Fashion by Patti Wilson. Concept by Luigi Murenu

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