Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

a few treasures i saved...

my first McQueen scarf

treasured vintage bag...too many memories!

my sunglasses collection

the treasured mink

hooker shoes

my vintage collection

In my case the old adage is rather true... You see this coming Friday I am kissing goodbye to my nomadic gypsy-esque lifestyle of moving from home to home every year. I am committing myself to a boy and to a new way of life. For many years I have been happily ensconced in a life of independence, relying solely on myself and answering to no one. However the whole packing up, moving and rotating housemate thing has, unsurprisingly become so tedious I would rather wear head-to-toe corduroy than endure another soulless house share. I have shared living space with people, mice and slugs (yuck!) and enough is enough!

Much to my hoarder sadness this has meant downsizing my vast quantities of tat and my wardrobe! A tear will be shed as I relegate some of my much loved collection of vintage and high street to charity shops and eBay. You see I have a tendency to covet things, even if it is falling apart and in need of love, care and repair. I am still refusing to chuck my darling mink coat with pellets falling away due to age and many loving owners. Anyone who knows me, or has lived with me, will tell you I have enough stuff to warrant its own postcode. However I owe it to the boy to allow him space in our home too.
The aim of my 2012 is to change some of my old familiar habits, and sadly my penchant for collecting all things fashion related is one of these. I will have to teach myself to be selective and keep only the most treasured things... I have decided to share a few of these with you my dear readers.
I am very much looking forward to moving in with my lovely boy...and kissing goodbye to the last slither of my singleton cupcake. I am looking forward to the prospect of downsizing my life (and shoe collection as it is taking over my house) and sharing it. I'm sure I'll never lose my ability to hoard so much eventually I won't be able to reach my front door...but I'll have to compromise. So here is to familiarity breeding contempt...and a desire for change and new beginnings.

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