Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A lesson in leopard...

This is Miz. I chased her down the street to capture her for the blog. I loved her. We stopped and had a proper chat, like long lost buddies and it was one of the loveliest moments ever... I walked to the bus stop wishing she was my friend. Miz is inspired by art nouveau, eclecticism and Vivienne Westwood. She has had her adorable horse earrings since she was little.

"I used to be a goth I'm inspired by the fact I'm no longer a goth. I love colour. I just throw things on."

We bonded over the fact we are always the ones being asked "what are you wearing?" by friends, still wearing childhood jewellery and getting sideways glances from strangers. Thank you Miz, for being such a marvellous subject.

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