Friday, 16 March 2012

My friend Andrew...

I have never done a style profile before, but over the coming months I plan on celebrating the sartorial wonderment of my nearest and dearest. Meet my first subject Andrew... he has a burgeoning passion for champagne, Chanel, anything that involves Marie Antoinette or Madame de Pampadour. Oh and let's not forget macaroons and black. I chose Andrew because he chooses to merely wear black. No compromises. Nope, none at all. I respect this, I think he manages to look edgy, stylish, directional and minimal all at once. Simply by avoiding colour or anything that isn't black. I love the ritual, and regimentality (is that even a word? it is now) of it all. I find it as fascinating as eclecticism and sheer unadulterated fashion cray cray (see Anna Piaggi, Anna dello Russo, Susie Lau and Iris Apfel for the polar opposite of Andrew.) When I think all black I picture Carine Roitfeld, Jil Sander and Mrs Prada who have all been known to rock a total black look. Now as you may know I am a fan of clashing prints, colour, and general mish-mash...but I am also a big lover of the art of minimalism. That has what brought me to Andrew. He is my only friend who has sacrificed themselves sartorially. Well, at least he is never worried if a purchase won't go with anything he already owns.

I captured his general fabulosity (thanks Ms Lee Simmons for that one) at his flat, which in total contrast is all white. I love that in his own surroundings his general disdain for colour is also present. Andrew collects Chanel and has a profound knowledge of the house that Coco well as a love for the Renaissance and anyone donning a big wig. He also lives on a diet that consists of pastry and champagne which I find utterly decadent, and almost as dedicated as his aesthetic leanings, and for this I have utmost respect (I am also secretly jealous. I only have to sniff pastry and I'm half a stone fatter). He showed me his collection of Chanel books and dazzled me with giant cups of tea, tarte au citron and his culinary skills. I have included a few snapshots of his darling abode to help build a picture of the man himself. Here is to Andrew, and living life only in two shades. Let them eat cake!


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