Monday, 30 April 2012

diary of a lady part 2

shoes £65 topshop. blazer £20 primark. camisole £7.99 h&m. shorts £9.99 h&m.
jewellery vintage, h&m.

top £24.99 h&m. skirt £14.99 h&m conscious collection. 

blouse £29.99 h&m. skirt £59.99 h&m.

For those of you who read pins and needles regularly you will know that at the beginning of the year i set myself a personal goal/resolution to become more ladylike. Now, admittedly from the pledge of looking after myself and instilling a high standard of grooming i have been worse than ever... haircuts have become even less of an occurence and i havn't had the time to even book a waxing or mani/pedi appointment never mind attend one...

There is however one great development in the quest to turn me from mannish to more of a lady. And that dear readers is my dress sense. I took myself on an epic, long winded and rain soaked shopping trip at the end of January. After much obsessing, research and general fashion perving i decided to go with a pastel/colour/bright palette and to whole heartedly embrace clothes that fit me. Now for those of you who may know me dearly, you will know i rarely wear anything that is usually oversized, deconstructed and minus a waistband. So, after many hours throwing myself around the local gym, i have finally started to feel something that resembles pride in my figure. I have had a long and at times painful relationship with my 5ft of mixed race curvature over the years and my one biggest promise to me this year was to try and gain some self confidence.
So after deciding enough was enough, clearing out enough old stuff to clothe and accessorise Europe a few times over, i made the decision to enter the realm of the lady. Also i have a slight obsession with all things Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton so I thought i owed it to Marcy Marc and his marvellous carousel of Louis pastel, fondant-fancy magic to give this a whirl. Oh, and Mrs Prada made dressing like a desperate gin soaked 50s housewife look so so fun.

Now I couldn't cope with losing the very essence of my crazy bag lady being, so I have kept some leather, black and the occassional ill fitting garments in my repertoire as well I wouldn't be me if there wasn't an element of me in the whole thing. Now I know i don't exactly look like a Stepford wife, and I probably won't be asked to be in Debrett's anytime soon but I think I have done rather well at putting my own spin on being a bit more of a girl, i also kind of really like showing myself off a wee bit so i think it might be here to stay.

I bullied my boyfriend into helping me throw together some photographs to help me document my experiment/fashion labotomy... Sorry he's no Demarchelier. Oh well...

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