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An affair to remember...


Yves Saint Laurent




Alexander McQueen


*Firstly, I do apologise that this is one big visual, fashion porn photo fest...but i'm a visual girl and these images best illustrate my point. Oh, and they are lovely to look at!!

For me every season, every fashion month I always have two favourite weeks...I think I made it clear my first love is London. However I am a naughty two timer and have secret fetish for gay pareeeee! Paris fashion week is the sultry, chic older sister that the younger, edgier eclectic London looks up to and longs to look like once her Mary Katrantzou obsession has waned. If the ensembles of London are what you wear to impress other women and to get you snapped by a fashion blogger, Paris looks are what you wear to simply get laid.

This fashion month has been a rather emotional one for me as some of my much adored designers have left their posts. Sadly Paris wasn't left out of the equation... Since Tom Ford's dramatic departure as Creative Director of Gucci and YSL there has been only one great emperor to claim his throne... The marvel that is Stefano Pilati. I have adored every season and my adoration for YSL has only grown under Stefano's tenure. But alas he is leaving, and his final collection didn't disappoint. I'm sure Monsieur Saint Laurent would have been delighted with what he achieved. Despite reviving an iconic brand and making it covetable for all kinds of lady (and inventing the iconic Tribute shoe and some of the most IT bags of the it bag phenomenon) he managed to keep the spirit of the brand's namesake well and truly well as making the Parisienne sultry as well as chic. Stefano I will miss you.

Next onto the four C's. Chanel, Carven, Céline and Chloe. Pretty much nearly all of my favourite shows every season. I love the twee Coco classicism of Chanel that Karl has spent much of his career emulating and keeping alive. As well as creating some of the MOST sought after handbags of our generation. I love the gentle, sweet and chic cool that is going on at Carven...making the old couture house covetable again. And proving that French brands are the go-to for well priced, effortless casual wear. Then there are Phoebe Philo's power houses Chloe and Céline. Claire Waight-Keller has picked up where Phoebe left off after Hannah McGibbon's stunning - yet short lived- tenure, and she had finally come into her own.
Don't even get me started on Céline...I would sell my soul and all my worldly posessions for some of this brand. Philo had created the perfect wardrobe for any woman wanting to look sleek, edgy, well put together and generally wonderful. Oh and the handbags! In a few short seasons she has made the minimal, timeless handbags the most wanted leather goods on the planet. Here is to the four C's... C is definitely for chic, covetable and cool...

Next I would like to celebrate the wonder that is Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. For me it feels like the namesake of the brand never left. Burton has proved herself to be a talent to be reconed well as the designer of THAT wedding dress. If Lee McQueen was dark, and pensive...inspired by Shakespearean tragedies and the concept of fashion as art, Burton is his ethereal, haunting and bold other side. She has managed to capture the genius, and unbelievable raw talent that nobody could tame and polished it. Despite it not being 'him' anymore I still anticipate the won't ever be the same again but she has evolved and developed the brand in a way that I feel Alexander McQueen would be so proud of. A way that had kept his name alive.

Last but not least...and over to Alber Elbaz and his 10 year anniversary celebrations at Lanvin. It involved cake and Alber singing "Que sera sera." for me the collection wasn't a rehash of the past 10 years classics... But a celebration of the magic that he has created at the house of the great couturier Jeanne Lanvin. For me Alber has brought a sexy, iconic, draped look to the house that is all his own. I love the statement jewellery, bold jewel tones and lashings of draping and silk. The best part...for all the chic, minimal edge of brands such as APC, Carven and Céline... Lanvin brings a sultry, feminine prowess to Paris.

So there you go... A reason why Paris stole my heart.

Until next season...

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