Friday, 24 February 2012

The London Round up...

Mary Katrantzou

Moschino Cheap & Chic



Meadham Kirchoff

Jonathan Saunders

I know, I know its already Milan, blah blah! bit late for my London highlights, but I have been super busy at work etc so I'm a few days out...

I couldn't cram all of my faves into one post, I 'd be here til i am eighty. So I have painstakingly edited my fashion lusts into bitesize chunks of wonderment. Also I have whipped out one biggie into its own seperate post, which came previous to this bad boy.
London is always my favourite week in the month (along with Paris, but nothing compares to those bad boys) and I can't really ascertain why. I love the creativity, the total disregard for commercial selling power, the colour, texture and general mind blowing wonderment of it all. I feel like this season (and definitely last! which was simply mind alteringly unbelievable) was proof that London is pulling out the big guns. For a while, it was sad to say, it fell by the way side. All the big names in publishing and buying started to favour the other capitals...but surely we came back. With those guns blazing, and this season it most definitely showed. I don't know what the rest of the world thinks, but I am getting a definite sense of the lady riding over from S/S right through into A/W... and the best part? London's lady is eclectic, eccentric, bold, colourful and clashing so many prints and textures she looks a little bit cray cray! But dear readers, this is just how I like it... if you read me often you will realise a personal quest for me is to become sartorially more prim and ladylike. So this recurring look or trend is making me very happy. Another reason I love London is the designers that totally ignore these looks, trends and silhouettes and just do their own thing. The ones that ignore the seasons, and a commercial desire for collections to work in certain weather conditions and times of year. Bring on Mary Katrantzou, Meadham Kirchoff, Simone Rocha, JW Anderson and Michael van der Ham among others.
My favourite part...Moschino Cheap & Chic showing at LFW for the second season...why? Because despite being Milanese the collections are so quintessentially English that London is the best place for it!

To London, I salute you!

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