Friday, 24 February 2012

Oh Simone, Simone

There was one shining star among a sky full of stars for London Fashion Week just passed, and that start goes by the name of Simone Rocha. Recognise the surname? You should, she is the daughter of LFW veteran John Rocha, he of the long hair, friendly smile and stunningly gothic collections. I feel for the offspring of fashion greats, it is a lot to live up to when your Mama or Papa dearest are so darned talented and famous. However i have come to realise the new blood can more than hold their own. London is always one of the highlights of the fashion month, mainly for the fact the sheer, unadulterated and uncensored creativity that explodes all over the week. Forget the polish of Paris, glamour of Milan and commerciality of NY... London is where the eclecticism comes out to play. That is why it is the perfect platform for the likes of little Rocha. Just four seasons in and her collections have got all the editors drooling... Twitter was abuzz with praise for Simone and I for one fell in love... The metallics, the knitted collars, the BROGUES!!! Only this collection could make them look so current, so new and my little black ones so boring. I want me some perspex heeled ones. My favourite part of the collection was the fact that it was all creamy, and pale and oh so gentle and delicate for an AW collection. I love this kind of juxtaposition at fashion weeks, when designers turn trends and seasons on their heads. When it simply becomes about the look, the creativity, not being commercial and looking like it should be worn at certain times of year, or like you can guess what season it is. Oh and the woolly bits, that looked like you are wearing a bath mat, so cool, so me!! I can imagine myself skipping through the rain and snow of Winter in the mannish grey coat, and lovely lacy fripperies that were on offer. Oh and black PVC with a 60s vibe?! Even better!

So thank you Lulu Kennedy for bringing Simone to our attention via Fashion East... A star is born!

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