Wednesday, 15 February 2012

New York, New York!

admittely i am not the biggest fan of see i find it all a bit too minimal and grown up and perfectly put together. in a nutshell the furthest thing from my personal style, and what i like about other people's personal style. however for the second season in a row i have found myself creeping much more towards loving al things from across the fashion pond. for a while now i have had a handful of designers i love that show there, and that never fail to disappoint me. recently i have found myself loving more and more on offer from new york. now i know i shouldn't be biased but that's just me (i am not a huge milan lover either, i know i know controversial.) anyway personal tastes aside, i found myself falling increasingly in love with each collection as the models stalked the runways. now i can't fit them all in, so i thought i would include some of highlights for you to enjoy...

my first highlight so far is the delectable derek lam... my favourite part of this collection was the little character he had clearly created in order to dress her. there was this cool, sixties mod girl look to it all. but totally updated for 2012...i loved the little ditsy florals juxtaposed with lashings of shiny leather and smudged eyeliner. it felt like she was a bookish libraran gone awry. pass the books i say! i liked that there was a simple monochrme pallette with flashes of of my favourite looks was a chunky cable knit sweater (no sleeves) worn over a diaphonous whisper of chiffon maxi skirt. oh and the floral skirt with shiny leather tunic! just to knock things off kilter.

next on my love list is preen...not only are justin thornton and thea bragazzi design partners but they are a couple too. and what a match made in heaven i think they are! i have been a massive fan of preen since they started out back in my college days, and they have never failed to disappoint. i love their bold use of colour and directional silhouettes...and more recently their use of prints. their a/w 12 show has a little place in my heart because i am secretly addicted to florals...they come and go seasonally but seem to be a constant part of my wardrobe. i for one am loving that they are not only on trend for the coming spring and summer but they will still be hot property next season too! YAY! it wasn't just preens use of print, and cutesy ladylike was their bold, blocky use of colour too. i love any excuse for a/w to be not too dark in terms of colour, and for me preen has brightened the proceedings perfectly.

now considering a few years ago she was just another WAG, or ex spice girl depending on which way you looked at it, you couldn't deny that the lady likes fashion. she is a poster girl for designer clothing and super duper high heels. in the past few ears her personal style has become more polished, a little edgy and much more bold. mrs beckham's collections have been a favourite of mine for the past few fashion month, and for a/w 12 she didn't disappoint. she has also proved she is no one trick pony with the addition of those loverly bags too. i loved the graphic lines, the TIGHT slithery sexy silhouettes...oh and those louboutin biker boots and socks! the way every lady should dress.

watch this space for more...

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