Friday, 10 February 2012

Super Duper!

The old guard is back! it's official. the supers of yesteryear have well and truly made their presence known in the industry again, and i for one am thrilled. now this has been brewing for a while...Kate, Naomi and Claudia have all been the stars of YSL campaigns among others in recent years, showing that you don't have to be fresh out of school and Eastern European to hold down a big advertising contract.

For me this is pretty major, you see I grew up in the era when the super reigned well supreme! in the heady days of grunge and Gianni Versace that were the nineties these girls were known by first name terms only. Kate, Linda, Naomi, Helena, Tatjana, Claudia, and let's not forget the inimitable Kristen, oh and Susie too! i wanted to be them all! and so did the rest of the world, with Linda declaring she didn't get out of bed for less than ten grand, and the fabulous excess of the late eighties and early nineties the world bought into the idea of the super model. what they modelled, women rushed to buy! it seems that this no holds barred selling power is having a bit of a renaissance. with girls seeming to look ever younger, it is refreshing to see powerful fashion houses and big name publishers investing pages (and money) in women that aren't young enough to be your sister or god forbid, daughter to showcase the industry's talents and products. there is something quite refreshing (and fabulous) about it all. especially with all the nineties inspired modern sportswear silhouettes and rucksacks filtering through from the s/s 12 catwalks.

So here is to 2012...with Kate walking for Louis Vuitton (TWO seasons in a row people!), Kristen doing (deep breath) Givenchy Haute Couture and Linda gracing the pages of Love and every other glossy i think we can safely say the Super of yesteryear is having one big revival. I for one am loving it, now don't get me wrong, i adore the likes of Arizona Muse, Lara Stone and Joan Smalls but there is just something about Kate & co that makes the hairs on the back of my neck prick up and I'll admit i don't know what that is, and i'm sure if you could bottle it there'd be a stampede to get your mitts on it.

All hail the Supers!

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