Wednesday, 1 February 2012

diary of a lady...

One of my new years resolutions, and for me the most important, is to be more ladylike. For me this is a really big thing... Now I'm no Waynetta Slob or Vicky Pollard but I wouldn't qualify to be in the Debretts guide either. First off is grooming... I'm never seen without a full face of (Chanel) make up and shower daily but I could be better at doing a few things. So my biggest thing is to start getting my eyebrows done regularly (every 3 weeks as opposed to every 6!) I get them threaded, and my chosen brow bar is Blink. Now living in Manchester I could easily get them done for less than a fiver somewhere local to me but the girls at Blink get it PERFECT! I do recommend. Secondly I will be getting regular gels on my hands are a personal bone of contention due to developing dermatitis a couple of years ago and a lifetime of picking around my nails... So pretty hands are a personal goal! I have also surprised myself and been commuting to regular haircuts and spending a small fortune on swanky hair products.

Now the second part of my "transformation" is my style. I have slowly developed from very eclectic and so mismatched I could give Anna dello Russo a run for her money to a mixture of minimalism with a dash of eclecticism. However since I'm not a huge fan of my Caribbean curves, I have admittedly over the years favoured deconstructed oversized silhouettes, with an androgynous twist. Thus resulting in my brother asking recently "do you shop anywhere other than old men's shops?" so I have decided to polish up my look. Therefore a shopping extravaganza ensued. I indulged in pencil skirts, short flippy a-line dresses and lots of things accentuating my waist. I did throw in some new brogues, leather and 60s style shift dresses for old times' sake. It is safe to say I also embraced the peplum with vigour? I was extremely proud of myself, and the boy looked thrilled!

A little lady inspired shoot will be coming VERY soon...

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