Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Nike x A.P.C

Nike have done it again! Not happy collaborating with Liberty Nike have collaborated with A.P.C (Atelier de Production et Création) for a second season in a row... The last collection sold out online within hours and for this collection Jean Touitou, A.P.C founder and Creative Director, has prodced a delightful little collaboration staying true to the ethos of his brand.

He founded A.P.C back in 1987 after struggling to find quality, well designed clothing that he wanted to wear, and it was (and still is) a total hit. With 300 stores and stockists and stores nationwide he built a brand based on minimalism and the delightful Parisian way of dressing, and looking cool and just so. Fashion editors and cool folk flocked to snap up his wares, and after a few years of noticing that almost fifty per cent of his customers were women (the brand started out just as menswear) he launched a womens collection and this proved a mega hit. Over 20 years and later and they are still going strong, and popular with not just stylish Parisiennes, but loved the world over. 

I may be a total eccentric weirdo at times but I have always been a lover of what Jean has done at A.P.C, mainly cos it's just effortless and cool and chic and just how I want to dress everyday. Plus it isn't too bank busting with tee shirts at £60 and skirts at around £140, granted dresses are a bit pricier but it is all beautifully made and well worth the investment.

Now back to nike... it is just simply cool. Simple. If you're a sneaker freak this is a collab for you, especially with the 25th anniversary of Nike Air Max, you would be silly not to snap these bad boys up. You could always flog 'em to hipsters for three times the price on eBay. But why would you? You would forever kick yourself and realise that they would go with almost every outfit for the next trillion years. They would be the missing link between you, your wardrobe and instant fabulousness. Go on... Indulge. You know if you don't you will cry into your pillow for the next trillion years wishing you hadn't missed out. Just saying. 

images www.apc.fr


  1. I really need to own a pair of Nike high tops!
    These are beautiful!

    Kelly || DayDreamsDaisyChains.com

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