Friday, 17 May 2013

Bad taste = good taste


As you may have already gathered from my previous post entitled "A lesson in girl impressing and man repelling" you might have noted then when I get dressed in the morning my general attitude it pretty much... "I just don't give a shit" and my dear friends you are entirely right. I dress for myself entirely... With the odd day inspired by man repelling and this leads me to today's post, inspired by the fact that I adore bad taste. 

It inspires the way I dress no end, you see I tend to find when something is generally erring on the edge of (or just downright jumping in a pool of) bad taste then most of the time I fricking love it. Seeing that JuJu jelly shoes (along with most things nineties) are all cool again I am overjoyed, you see they are the epitome of bad taste. Especially when worn with socks/tights/any other sandal bashing hosiery. I am a lover of a sock/sandal situation when done well, and not too train-spotterish... 

There are many other multitudes of bad taste items I could list and wax lyrical about, but for me it is the theory of bad taste itself I am celebrating in the means of writing. I think we should all have a little bad taste in our lives, of course only a choice few can get away with draping themselves in piles of ugly stuff but a dash of the bad taste flavours can be welcomed in all our lives. 

Be it dungarees, socks and sandals, ugly jumpers/cardigans/any knitwear, limp Alexa hair, vintage kimonos, nightwear as outerwear, uggs, rucksacks, lesbian boots or any other ugly item. Also see loafers, acid wash denim, mom jeans, I'll fitting clothing, skorts, skirts over trousers or anything that baffles the opposite sex. 
You see adding an element to an outfit that is a little "off" can work volumes in terms of making it a little fabulous. There are many women who prove my theory and I believe we should all live our sartorial lives by this... Mostly because it garners compliments and scares boys in a most amusing manner. 

So ladies, go forth and embrace bad taste!!! Quick before the Olsens out bad taste you!!! 


  1. My boyfriend HATES the way I dress, I completely feel what you mean here!
    GREAT post!

    Kelly ||

    1. hahaha I don't mind if they like it, but I get a weird kick out of horrifying a boy. It's funny, plus I know I've picked a blinder the more hateful the reaction. Thank you!!! I really really appreciate your feedback and comments :)