Tuesday, 21 May 2013

In full bloom...

Dress, vintage. Converse hi-tops. Mulberry phone case (past season).
Pearl necklace, vintage. Wishbone necklace, Jacobs by Marc by Marc Jacobs.
Bow cuff, H&M (old).

Happy Tuesday dears! There has been a lack of outfit posting due to the fact I have spent the past seven days in my work uniform and pyjamas do sadly no insight into the inner working of my wardrobe. After a stretch of luxury uniform attire I decided to go a little bit wild and attack myself with colour, mostly because seven days of black and white and more black does that to a girl. 

I chose this pretty little vintage dress that I once owned many years ago, gave to a friend, then met up with said friend to eBay our lives away and decided I wanted to own her again! So here we are, I am a sucker for a floral and the print on this dress is so cute I couldn't resist it today, especially since the weather is so drab despite being May. I teamed it with my trusty 80 deniers, converse and what can only be described as minimal accessories for me. I adore vintage and don't wear it as much anymore since I have gotten older, I guess I seem to veer to a more pared own look, well sometimes. Plus it has slowly gotten more and more expensive since I first started buying it, and some prices I jst cannot justify. Especially if I can pick up brand new for waaaaay cheaper. The only difference being I don't get that smug "Oh this? It's vintage" moment when people ask, and you can't be safe knowing that nobody else will have it. The only other option for that is haute couture and I sadly don't have that kind of money.

So, I hope you like the outfit. Enjoy!

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