Monday, 22 October 2012

The Showstopper

Every season I wait with baited breath for the end of fashion month to see the Paris heavy weights thrash it out with huge, fancy show stopping moments... There has been clams, steam trains, ice bergs made of crystals, the Palais de Versailles and a cardboard Rue Cambon over the past few seasons... And this season didn't disappoint...
However there was one show that stuck out for me in terms of scene setting, or stealing depending on how you see it. That, dear readers was Louis Vuitton... after smuggling a steam train into the room last season I didn't think the delectable and delightful Marcy Marc could outdo himself. Alas! He did! I was amazed to see that two escalators had been installed into the venue, and the models ascended in pairs showing off a simple, chic and rather un-Louis collection. Considering recent collections have been couture-esque and have made a great deal of showing off the skills of the ateliers, this collection was very "Paris" in the sense it was beautiful, simple, effortless and beyond stylish. I loved the windowpane checks, and the giant overblown chess board style checks that gave a cool sixties feel to proceedings.
The way that the models outfits were often in corresponding/opposite colours and prints as they presented themselves made an awesome visual impact for me... I loved the checks, florals and stripes and the super duper short minis. It seems I will be a sucker for all things sixties next season as this has been my fave look so far, and LV didn't disappoint, not one bit. There were flirty minidresses and matching coats, square necklines and empire dresses, the best bit though was the working girl-independent lady-yes bitch I take the pill and work-boom! twin sets that were matched with cute beehives.

I liked the last look, which was like a total Alexa Chung-ish take on red carpet wear... The super check "evening dresses" with empire lines and block colours that looked so un-red carpet it was lovely? I could see my idol Zooey Deschanel or Michelle Williams rocking up to the Met Ball in one... You know being all so achingly hip you can turn up in. Plain, simple yet still shockingly bank balance busting dress and still look a squillion dollars. This has always been my favourite type of look at fancy schmancy awards dos... When there is something a little off... Like flats, or a sky high hemline, messy not done hair or very simple make up. I look forward to seeing one of the cool girls rocking up to a super swank bash rocking one of these bad boys... And all the uber hotties will eye her enviously wishing they had the guts to be so, well cool. And carefree.

So thank you Marcy Marc for another triumph...

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