Wednesday, 10 October 2012

French Fancies...

King Karl the Kaiser has done it again... He has pulled off another arrestingly fabulous season with sheer aplomb. I went to peek at this collection with a sense of apprehension as Chanel oft fails to wow me when it comes to Spring/Summer... However this trip to Karl dream land was wonderful. He nodded to sustainable energy with a wind turbine inspired set, but as usual looked to the land of luxe for the collection. It was a if anything a little schizophrenic in parts, but the bulk of it was fused with a ladylike, couture like air... Karl managed to modernise the bouclé two piece with smattering a of pearl buttons, oversize shirt dresses and unusual graphic tweed-esque prints. He updated the double C look with deconstructed, sixties silhouettes and my favourite parts were the balloon sleeved waffle knits, hula hoop bags and oversized pearl smattered tweed. Long live the Kaiser!

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