Tuesday, 23 October 2012

How to make a denim quilt...

Not for a long time have I been seen rocking denim, espesh the patchwork/double dip variety, mainly because I have a massive Kardashian/Minaj-esque arse and don't really feel comfortable wearing anything with a shape or that is tight, especially denim... Mind you I do love a J Brand and they are the only ones that make me less inclined to vomit all over the mirror when I slide them over my snake hips, oh and H&M too. 

  Anyway I have recently been excited by the influx of cut-it-up and rebuild denim that has been trickling onto the catwalks, and thought I would splash this love all over a blog post... Mainly because I is one of my favourite kind of Fash week trends, which is one that is inspired by the wares of street folk. Trashion, 90s nostalgia, Rihanna and Rita Ora have all been inspiring the cool kids on the block of late, and I for one am loving it. Sometimes I feel a wee bit too old to be draping my bad self in acid wash, but it doesn't stop me adding a little element of it, and this patchwork thing I something that I recon I will be investing in for next season... Or now as I have seen a denim smock and pinafore from Topshop that I will be buying, although neither are patchwork but will be nice building blocks in me getting up the courage to rocking it Grandma quilt style.

3.1 Philip Lim s/s 13

I'm loving the luxe 3.1 Philip Lim version, that I can imagine a sleek and well put together CEO wearing with a sharp white shirt and sky high Rupert Sandersons and a Stella tux to the office, as well as seeing the pieces chucked on with lashings of leather and ghetto gold by some cool scenester on her way to the local club... And this is what I absolutely love about Lim. He manages to make the most basic, and non luxe fabrics and items highly covetable and fabulous and with the likes of Net a Porter and Selfridges clamouring to throw it at their customers who will more than likely lap it up like champers at an after party.
Ashish s/s 13

I am also appreciating the total opposite style that Ashish has provided in his collection, I love that he hasn't just patched pieces of the workman garb together but he has also patched chunks of it together with sequins, polkadot tulle and alphabet printed denim too. This is like the eighties fashion student version of the trend, and I rather bloody loved it. I love how one trend can be interpreted in two totally opposite ways, kind of like sweet and savoury or black and white, or Mary-Kate and Ashley... actually I like the Olsen analogy best... two of exactly the same things but all the more different. Plus I got to use an analogy that involved my all time have twins. BOOM! I'm a winner baby. Ashih did it the way I would probably wear it most, bit cray cray, bit messy with a mismatched sweater and sloppy hair and make up. However when I occasionally dress like a grown up I would definitely werq a piece of the Lim pie.

This is one of those slow burning trends that Jonny Johansson actually did for Acne a few seasons ago, and as anything done by the Scandi powerhouse, I am sure this will become a super trend worn by all and many and eventually so cool it gets knock off in a few months by Primark... and then we all proceed to drop it. Because that's how fashion rolls. So if you haven't been been rocking this since 1993 or at the very least circa 2010 when the Swedes were rocking it a la Acne do what I do and lets all start dressing like a denim patchwork quilt... You know you want to...

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