Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The devil is in the details...

As I previously mentioned waxing lyrical about Céline, I have a full on fashion perv shaped crush on the accessories from this collection, and I personally don't think I have to explain myself but I totally will.

I don't know which I heart best, so I think I just have to adore them all equally and I feel no shame in this. I love the soft, squidgy look of the roll top clutches, first because they look like a fancy luxe version of the all-American paper shopping bag and I love this... it's like an upmarket version of one of life's most basic objects. Secondlt I just think they are wonderful... they look cotton wool soft, like a bovine skin pillow. I also love the soft colours (as well as the bold) that the Philo has designed these in. I have wanted to own a Céline bag for ages now, and this clutch has inspired to save my pennies hard and get a piece of the French fancy pie.

My absolute favourite part of this show, as well as the stunning-as-always main event of the clothing was the shoes... I love the fact that such a minimal, stylish house decided to fuck things up with mink shoes... The Birkenstocks disturb me I won't lie (mainly because I HATE the shoe anyway) and secondly because they are so weird and I love this dearly. Secondly I loved the mink pumps, they have turned a somewhat sexy accessory into something comical and so unsexy it hurts. It looks like an extra from Sesame Street or The Muppets. Hell, it even looks like something Miss Piggy would wear to convince Kermit he wants to fondle her pork fancies...

Last, and so NOT least are this amazing Margiela-esque 'foot shoes' with the toe nail pedicure on the outside, I love the fact they have shown shoes that would normally be at home on the catwalks of much more conceptual designers rather than a brand that has become synonymous with chis and polished style that many a well dressed editor oft drapes themselves in from top to toe. Thy have totally turned the aesthetics of themselves on its head, and I think this is genius, awesome and utterly clever.

So, if you didn't think so already y'all need to get addicted to Céline. Ok?

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