Thursday, 25 October 2012

The merits of pink dungarees

Stella McCartney Falabella

Charlotte Olympia Anastasia

Now I am never really one to wax lyrical about something so, well ugly but I have decided that the fashion god known as Philip Lim has made the humble overall/dungaree/one piece so covetable and fashion perv worthy that I had to post about it. I have wanted these bad boys since I first clapped my peepers on them last month. I have had a secret love for this disgusting item of clothing since I saw my idol the one and only Alexa Chung manage to make the denim variety look oh so fabulous, especially when the boy commented that she looked stupid. I know an item is all the more covetable when my beloved man folk declares it is disgusting, as I for one only dress for myself (and occasionally other girls because knowing I have impressed a fellow boob owner makes me rather happy) and know I have made a proper effort if I have visually offended my boy and my BFF. On the topic of my BFF I know from experience that her and her man friend oft discuss my ridiculous get ups because I tend to shock and amuse them on a regular (used to be daily when we shared a home) basis with my outfits, and I know I have planned my ensemble perfectly if she comments in a piss taking way... I almost pride myself on it! And she would HATE this particular item and take pleasure in telling me so, and how ridiculous I look in said item, and that would further prove that the dungaree of pink variety is a successful purchase. Oh and I would look like a character out of Clueless, and this is a reason as good as any.

  Now back to the ensemble in question, I would team this mighty fabulous piece of pink buttery suede with the biker jacket that came a few models later in the show, just to make a filthy old fashion impact. I would have to pop a little white shirt underneath because I am sadly not of the flat chest like Ms Chung, and my bangers would not do unleashed sans top/blouse/shirt/whatever with this particular onesie. To accessorise the flamingo inspired two piece I would add the Charlotte Olympia Anastasia heel... I for one love to clash in order to offend members of the opposite sex so I would do the don't and wear them in red, as I believe the fashion gods say one should never mix pink and red. In terms of handbag, I am incapable of carrying anything smaller than a suitcase on a daily basis and would need something to fit all my worldly possessions (I hate to be unprepared and carry a magazine, cosmetic bag, two purses, umbrella, passport, various supplements and miscellaneous items I believe necessary) so I would carry a Stella McCartney Falabella. Although I am rather offended by the fact the baby Beatle charges upwards of 800 quid for non-leather goods they are well, fit! And the price doesn't deter me, plus it's leopard print and as I have a penchant for this animal based print it suits me just fine. 

So there you have it... The merits of pink dungarees.

This post is dedicated to the wonderful Fran. May I always horrify, amuse and delight you with my outfits for many more years to come.

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