Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Daily Perv

Enter Valentino Rockstud. I have gathered that I am not a biased Rockstud pervert, I would like pieces from Rockstud Popcouture, Rockstud Nude AND Rockstud Naked. I'm no bigot. Neither a hater. I am a lover. Ever since I saw Alexa Chung rocking the original rockstud a couple of years ago I have perved at them from afar. Now I am just coming out as a MASSIVE pervert of the Rockstud variety. I have no idea why, I put it down mostly to the fact it is a weird lady/edgy bastard baby hybrid. I do love an item that has something a little 'off' about it, and I think it's because Valentino have managed to make something as twee as the kitten heel a covetable item of sexual fashiongasm delight. I challenge you to fin something that marries both the ladylike and the punky so well, and in such a covetable form.  Never have I lusted after something so much since I first clapped eyes on the Céline Nano tote... and that was some serious leather lust. 


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