Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Love letter to Simone

One of my recent all time LFW faves showed this morning, and that my friends is Simone Rocha. Her daddy the london powerhouse John Rocha was perched proudly on the frow, and proud he should be!

Rocha showed another tantalisingly wonderful show, and it kept to her girly yet super cool aesthetic. Things felt a little more polished this season, but it was still utterly gorgeous. Proceedings kicked off with lashings of calpol pink in cute sixties-esque silhouettes that were almost a little Jackie O but in a much cuter way. Everything had pockets and cute peter pan collars, details that have become synonymous with Simone. This girl makes dresses that we all want to wear, cute girly and with just the right touch of tough. They are worn with brogues and clumpy plastic booties adding a little bit of 'weirdy' to the look. The hair was ruffled and resplendent of 'walk of shame' but the looks oozed an air of 'god I wish I looked like her... or knew her!'

My favourite part of the collection was the way it all had a bit of a boyish air, the cropped pale pink trousers and beautifully detailed shirt all cut with  a bit of 'nicked off my boyfriend' feel to it. The way the dresses hang a little oversized and smacks of a girl borrowing off her mum, or not caring that nothing quite fits. Loved it. The other best part of it all was the colour palette... The sugary pinks, creams, nude and flashes of sparkly black are just perfect. I don't know what it is, but i love Simone Rocha and what she offers up season after season. I think for a new designer she just gets it right, it isn't too ground breaking or OTT but it is just what girls like me want to wear. That is all you need I guess, it is all the kind of pieces that can be thrown on with other things and still look fabulous. I love the frills bursting from models hips on prettily perfect ace dresses. I love the flashes of sparkle on the black dresses taking it from to plain to party. I love that she makes pink a colour that I usually wouldn't want in my life, but done by Simone and I NEED it, and want everything I wear to be that colour. Plus any collection with hi-shine black PVC gets my vote... I love anyone who can make hooker look haute. I also love the matted teddy bear-esque faux fur. She makes me want to dress like a teddy bear. And for that I love her.

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