Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Game Changer...

I admit, I don't often care much for Michael Kors, I respect him as a designer, a brand, and his aesthetic is most definitely commercially viable with him being one of America's biggest brands. His look just ain't me. It's grown up middle American rich bitch. Aimed at women who want well cut day wear and the occasional fabulous gown.

However Mr Kors took what I can only describe as a FABULOUS change in direction, via the aesthetics of some of New York's coolest sportswear obsessed power brands. I adored it all. I am glad that he has produced a collection that not only works for his usual clientele but picks up scores of younger, cooler girls on the way. I loved that it is modern, cool, edgy and so far removed from his comfort zone... and there was NO CAMEL!!!! There was no soft tailoring and prep, it was just awesome. I don't know what I loved more, the change in direction or the fact that he showed camo-print MINK!!!! Camo print is shaping up to be the print of the upcoming season, and Kors picked up on it delightfully, working it into a collection that could not only be critically acclaimed but commercially also. He will catch the eyes of younger, cooler girls who usually drape themselves in the likes of Lim, Wang and the Proenza boys, girls who like a sleek, sporty and minimal look. I think for a man so synonymous with his usual look this is a total feat. I absolutely loved it all. I loved the sporty silhouettes mixed with a sharper tailored look, I loved the bold blues, taxi yellows, tomato reds and the moody flashed of khaki too. His mixture of textures was pretty amazing too, neoprene, mink, wool, tweed, mohair and leather. It was a veritable mish mash of cool and Kors nailoed it for me. I just hope he keeps up this change of game plan, it'd be a shame to see him revert back to his old ways, because this new look suits all. Even his die hard fans.

images courtesy of style.com

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