Tuesday, 1 May 2012

watch me dance, watch me dance

i hear you in my heart, 1 may 2012

hang my heart out to dry won't you? 1 may 2012

look mummy, it's raining hearts! 1 may 2012

one day, in the not so distant future i like to think that my itchy fingers will lead me to a fancy career. you see aside from following cool folk in the street and what not i have a rather perverted passion for illustrating and styling (more on that later). i am building up to my own website but i am currently allowing my itchy fingers to go wild so i have enough work to whack onto a website. i hope that these crazy doodlings could help me to be something other than a shop girl full of day dreams. i like to believe that there is more to me than tip top customer service and an ability to transfer my love of the clothes i sell onto other folk. 

so, today i let my itchy fingers have a whole lot of dancing fun and attacked my sketch book. i have been developing my illustration style and have wanted to explore different forms of media from what i'm used to so i can show that i am no one trick pony. i like to think i am a multi talented unicorn with the ability to transfer what i like to think of as a "talent" (god i HATE that word, it makes me think of Simon Cowell and dancing dogs) to many different things and projects. when i get the old website up and running (christmas is my deadline) hopefully folk might want to you know, hire me and commission my itchy fingers for things. well here is hoping. so i'm going to cross all my itchy fingers and hope that it all goes well. for now here are a few of my doodles for you to enjoy. 

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