Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The boy....

This is Redmond. He is the boy, my boy. Hear me out! I know, I know I'm bound to biased and all because he is my other half... the milk to my tea, the Chas to my Dave, the gin to my tonic (you get where I'm going with this don't you?) but even if he wasn't I would still act like a stalker weirdo and follow him and ask for his picture.

I am quite particular about my 'man shots' and any of my street style people choices for that matter, but I am particularly anal about the men I shoot. Due to a much smaller show schedule and roster of designers to be inspired by I find men's style and fashion in general can be quite limited. I have observed that the way they dress, and therefore what brands/retailers provide, is quite heavily determined by street style and trends. Unlike women's fashion there aren't huge shows/trends/designers to be influenced by and I find what is on the high street is very much fast churned product that some publications, and trend forecasters pick up on and label as trends that are seen on your average men folk and watered down to commercialised consumer level. My point is, I don't like guys who follow this vanilla, army like tribe of aesthetics. I look for guys who are effortless, quietly stylish, rocking something that stops me in my tracks, or makes me think "I could do that" or "I'd so rock that if I was a penis-packing man." 

What I love about this look is the simplicity, no hipster cliches, Boy London, or jeans rolled up so high he looks like he can't afford clothes that fit. Some of these elements on certain individuals make me stop and snap, but in other respects they can look overdone and a little try hard. With this I just like the simple components... waxed parka, selvedge denim, leather desert boots and a flash of green. With that I simply think my boy looks cool, a bit plain, but cool all the same. I am planning on stealing his jacket when he isn't looking. Oh and that jumper (which has awesome contrasting elbow patches that are hidden away here) would look good with my vintage denim shorts or one of my many pleated skirts... 

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