Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sorry, I look a little grungy today...

Meet Pierre... First off doesn't he just have the best name? And secondly, yes, he is French (npt one of these hipster twits who change their name to look "edgy"). Pierre is a PHD student and sales consultant at Louis Vuitton. Smart AND a snappy dresser! I am more than impressed. Pierre never fails to look dapper in his uniform, but the photos here that I took leaving work with him on a balmy Saturday evening are proof that he is just as well put together outside the office as he is inside. There are a few reasons why I have a soft  spot for Pierre... the fact he apologised for looking a little grungy, the varying shades of black and last but not least... THE SHOES! Now I am a shoe pervert when it comes to anything mannish ie. a loafer, brogue, stack brogue, penny loafer, tasseled loafer, whatever! The more trad and boyish the better. I love the square toe, and looooong tassels and the slightly beaten up look of the loafers in question. I think I secretly want to own them. My favourite part of this look is the way the shoes have been totally juxtaposed with the beaten up washed out denim jacket, skinny jeans and grey camo printed bag. 

As you all should know by now I am a firm believer in something being a little off, a little skew whiff in an outfit and Pierre met my weird compulsions with the shoes. Oh the shoes, how I covet thee! However there was one more thing that threw the outfit off... the QUIFF! I adore a big old, rockabilly/teddy boy-esque quiff. The reason I heart Pierre's particular feat of hair wonderment is that it is always, ALWAYS perfect. I swear! Not a follicle, or strand outta place. He is so lovingly groomed I think he puts us girls to shame sometimes. One can't fault a metrosexual man who pays attention to detail. You with me? I really like how the well groomed aspect of Pierre kind of doesn't match the outfit either, and I am all for sartorial opposites, I think it's what makes the most well dressed folk all the more wonderful. I think it adds to someone's look and never fails to catch my eye when I'm chasing people around for the blog.

So without further ado, to Pierre! For proving the best the best thing to leave the nineties is the desire to look a little grungy sometimes. Well, artfully so. 

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