Friday, 1 June 2012

boys, boys, boys

Sadly, I was so excited by this boy's outfit I failed to catch his name! I just got very excited, and got lost in conversation with him and his friend/girlfriend that I completely forgot to ask... There are a number if reasons why I was so taken by this chap's attire, my favourite part is how his side parted hair and Clark Kent-esque specs and a bit of a geeky element to the whole thing, and are completely juxtaposed by the grunge feel that the outfit has. I am a total sucker for layering and this outfit has such a number it could start to resemble an onion. I do love a hoodie under a denim jacket and I have seen it a lot recently. One of the main reasons I wanted to snap away was the polkadots... Being a big fat trend in ladyland I love to see something like this on a boy... I am waiting to see a boy rock florals. Now hat would blow my little mind, but polkadots will do for now, simply because its not something one sees a boy do very often. Lastly but definitely not least the man with no name is busting a high top, as a fan of all things old-school hip hop, nineties and general rude boy anyone that wears a high top gets a high five from me... So there you have it folks, the man with no name!

I spotted Graham on the bus to town today, and he very kindly obliged when I asked him if I could shoot him for a post, so here goes... Graham is just simply rather bloody cool. There is no fuss, no cray cray mis-matching or lashings of directional Japanese tailoring. He is just, well, very well put together. I love the whole 60s, mod look to this and I think he does it very well. Now I am a fan of the humble breton stripe, and own many variations on it and I am always inspired by someone who puts their own stamp on my classic of choice, and I like the way it has been styled here. Especially with the addition of the pea coat (an outerwear favourite of mine) rolled up skinny jeans (fuss free selvedge denim) and the wonderment that is the beaten up chelsea boot. Oh, and I really, really want his bag...

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