Monday, 15 June 2015

Summer is dead... And it's not even summer yet!

I have two favourite times of year... Couture season and pre-fall. There. I said it. Don't get me wrong I love the merry-go-round of the fashion months, but after many a season in luxury retail the pre-collections are always my favourite. Especially Chanel whose are so utterly fabulous they have their own name, "M├ętiers-des-Arts" which is Karl Lagerfeld's way of flicking two fingers at the world and showing that he does everything better to the point he throws the show a massive party, makes a film about it and shows it about a year before the rest of the calendar.

Anyway back to the rest of the fashion world and it is the time of year when the Pre/Fall product hits shop floors, as a former shop girl I got sick of looking at the mainline collections for 6 months so the arrival of Pre-Fall and Resort is like a mini Christmas. 

First off this season I have been perving over Acne... It is perfectly Scandi minimalism, full of pastels and so sexually oblivious I'm considering robbing a bank so I can have it all, especially the lilac oversized straight jacket-esque knit and mega beanie... But I personally adore the very Acne mannish tailoring and flashes of grubby mustard and sky blue lace that is so un-Acne I could weep. If it wasn't so warm outside I would be bashing the plastic and prancing around in pastel mohair and wearing trousers so mannish I'd look like a modern day Annie Hall. Oh and don't even get me started on the navy... 

Don't get me wrong Karl you're magical but I can't give up my desire and love for wearable Scandi elegance that makes you realise why you love pre-collections. They are a magical little burst of "shit I didn't realise I NEEDED that forward thinking and totally weather inappropriate piece of knitwear" that crops up twice a year to save your life just before all the pieces you've bought over 6 months gets slashed in price the very minute you're sick of looking at it, making investing in new pieces all the more exciting. Not only that but now high street retailers such as Topshop and Zara are being savvy and joining in on the action. So regardless of your budget you can get a sneak peek at what's coming in stores the following season, and you can update your current season purchases and look ahead of the game. Plus it'll soften the blow caused by seeing all the pieces you invested in at the start of the season are being sold off at knockdown prices and rocked by anyone and everyone. 

Images Acne Studios Pre Fall 15 illustrated by me. 

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