Monday, 15 June 2015

Meet Caitlyn...

Last week Vanity Fair's July issue hit news stands... Yeah, yeah not exactly newsworthy but in the year that gay marriage and transgender actresses are finally getting the column inches they deserve a certain Caitlyn Jenner took to the cover to launch herself mid-transition. 

I decided to use this nugget of news to re-launch my blog because for me the issue of equality in fashion is a pretty big deal... I tend to illustrate what I think and what interests me and the lack of ethnically diverse, trans and plus size models in high fashion and mainstream publications really frustrates me. 

I was so happy to see such an iconic title such as Vanity Fair commenting on an issue such as this... Don't get me wrong the fact Caitlyn is so high profile and one of the most celebrated athletes (before her most famous role as Mr Kris Momager Kardashian/Jenner) of the past century will be the main reason Vanity Fair chose her as the poster girl for transitioning, but I found it refreshing none the less. The fact that Annie Liebowitz shot the story is amazing too, I just think issues such as this are more important than taking down the gluten phobic queen of uncoupling that is Gwyneth Paltrow. I find it rather brilliant, and not just because it sells a shit load of magazines. Anyone with half a brain and a mild fleeting interest in fashion (and equality issues) knows this is a pretty big deal. I just hope that this kind of breakthrough keeps happening and maybe my wish will come true and RuPaul and Conchita Wurst will get asked to do Vogue... 

Let the haters hate... I still think it is utterly poignant that one of the biggest fashion and society publications in the world has a transgender woman on the cover. Oh, and doesn't she look fucking fabulous?! Now let's get some more women of colour and a dress size bigger than a 4 on Covers and I'll be quiet. Oh and fuck Kim... Caitlyn totally broke the Internet! 

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