Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Little Pot o' Gold...

£28 at all swanky salons

as regular readers may know I am NO beauty blogger, not by a long stretch, but I am a girl that likes a to look after my hair and skin and I am not afraid to spend when I have to. My darling Dad gave me a little money for my birthday last week, and because I am moving to London and attempting to downsize my vast amount of belongings I put myself on a ban of buying clothes, plus I needed to replace a few beauty products so the ban suited me... and I have been lusting after this little pot of hair drenching goodness for quite a while now. It is part of the Kérastase Elixir Ultime range, which on original launch was a range of hair oils designed to repair and strengthen different types of hair. Then in true brand fashion Kérastase launched a shampoo, mask and conditioner to be added to the range, now if any of you lady (or man) folk know anything about hair care oils have long been used as a way of repairing and improving texture but have been having a bit of a trendy "moment" of late, I am a fan of a hair mask as used weekly it can vastly help hair in need, and after years of relaxing and general bashing with horrifically hot electrical hair appliances I think my follicles can do with all the help they can get.

So after a weekend of curling wands, vodka, dancing in gay bars and hanging with the smokers in the smoking areas I decided to give my locks a little fancy treat.  So I have to be quite generous with conditioner because I have a lot of hair and its thick too, I left it on  whilst I cleaned my teeth, shaved my pins and soaped up the old body and rinsed off after instructed... I was suitably impressed! I had a funny feeling I would be because I have used a number of different Kérastase products before and all are lovely. The mask was thick, creamy, and tinted a delicious shade of gold... and in true Kérastase fashion smells expensive and leaves your locks feeling like you've just blown your pennies on a blowdry in Chelsea. 

On the day my hair felt soft, silky and well nourished, and a day later still does! I would totally recommend this product to anyone with hair in need of some TLC or anyone wanting to generally ensure their hair is in tip top condition, and stays that way. I don't think it would be too great on fine hair or hair that isn't dry or coarse in texture, but I guess its up to the user to judge...

Now I know pots of gold don't exist at the end of rainbows but this is the next best thing! 

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