Monday, 22 July 2013

An open love letter to Anna...


Oh Anna,

The oman they call Nuclear Wintour, how I love you. I have been admirer of this woman for many a year and most of the time I really don't know why, other than she is totally inspiring. I an age where us girls/women/ fanny packers are still nowhere near as equal as the men folk in terms of equal pay, work place sexism and running FTSE index companies Anna represents. With bells on. Whilst donning Prada.

She has been at the helm of US Vogue for over 20 years and she runs it like a business, and a well oiled machine. Brands clamour to advertise in the edition she edits, as well as some of the biggest models, photographers, stylists, make up artists and designers working on the shoots to give it the now famous aesthetic she has fought to create.
I love the fact that she IS the Met Gala and if rumours are to be believed the guests have to get their outfit choices pre-approved by her to avoid embarrassment and faux-pas. Oh and did I mention the tickets are beyond expensive and invites don't come easy. I would kill to go, it is a veritable cool-fest with the Olsen twins thrown in, and some of the most unbelievable couture enough to make any fashwan pervert piss their knickers. Heaven.

One of my fave things about Anna is her ability to remain totally aloof in the face of everything. She reportedly wears sunglasses to every show at fashion month because she likes to be able to hide whether she hates the show or not, but you are EXTREMELY lucky if she chooses to attend your show, and even luckier if she publicly comments. She is famously hard to please and known to be able to ruin a career with a negative opinion. And this is why I love her. She reeks of power, oh and Prada. Miuccia garms are rarely off her back, and Mrs Prada loves to whip up a bit of custom for her. Oh to be that scary.

And we all know the 'Devil Wears Prada' rumours...

In the era of women trying to break the glass ceiling, I think Anna is nothing but inspiring, she is proof you can be a woman and at the very top of your game. She ignores the circus that surrounds her and is fabulous without having to be edgy, without trying too hard or I guess caring. She has forged an iconic image that is recognisable to the point of being a brand, and doesn't let trends or opinion change this. That is the main reason why I admire her... she is strong, cooler than a cucumber and represents all that is great about a woman having a career. Plus if you watch her with her daughter Bee in  The September issue you will see she is a total pussycat really...

May Anna reign Queen Vogue forever!

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